10 Amigurumi Patterns Inspired By Video Games

amigurumi video games featured

If you’re following me on Pinterest you may have noticed that I suffer from a serious case of crochet Amigurumi awe. Unfortunately for me, I am useless when it comes to crochet so I thought I would share these 10 patterns inspired by video games for any crocheter out there who actually knows what on earth they’re doing!

Once made, these patterns would make a fantastic gift for the gamer in your life, or serve as a great way to gamify your own home or office space.

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Ding! Rank 20 in Hearthstone

Now the real fun and games begin

I mentioned in my Gaming Resolutions for 2015 post earlier in the month that I hoped to reach Rank 15 in Hearthstone before the year is out. Well this morning I hit the ‘half way’ mark by reaching Rank 20 in one of those games where you outwardly cheer when you beat the jerk-wad who responded to your greeting with a taunt. ‘Ha! Take that, you rude bastard!’

The joy was short lived though, as the anxious worry wart in me realised that rank 20 also means that I’m now two wins away from where the real challenge begins; where a lost game results a lost star, and a tragic fall from grace if you’re having a bad run of things. Oh gawd, the pressure!

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