My Top 6 Gamer Picks From Welovefine

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I have been doing a fair bit of merchandise shopping lately for the local gaming group I run, and I have discovered something that many of us have probably know for quite while — there are slim pickings for lady gamers in the awesome fandom T-shirt department!

Thankfully, it was through that article that I discovered Welovefine, an awesome store that has a similar set up to Redbubble, where artists can sell their designs to the public on all manner of merchandise. I spent my free time yesterday browsing their collection, and thought I would share with you my favourite six designs.

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Life Lately

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Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun. It’s been nearly a month since I posted here last, and back in May I was complaining about being stuck in a stay-at-home rut. Well, I’m still at home, and I still have a 10 month old baby who is essentially a sleep vampire, but I have taken some pretty big steps to get my life back on track. Hence the radio silence.

You guys, you would believe this, but almost a decade after completing my certificate in Web Design, I am a student again. A study-from-home student, sure, but a student none the less!

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Stuck In A Stay-At-Home Rut


Katelyn is just over nine months old now, and I am just not feeling things. Sleep deprivation is at an all time high, the household budget an all time low, and my ability to conjure up energy has all but vanished.

There’s no two ways about it, I’m in a rut, and I’m not so sure just how to get out of it. Dance parties and cloud watching may work for some people, but this one is going to take more than a bit of fun to shake, I think!

Read on to see the signs that scream, “You’re In A Stay-At-Home Rut!”

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#Fandom5 – Shows I Love To Binge Watch


One of the few downsides of living in the land down under is that most online games generally have maintenance smack bang in the middle of our prime play time. For example, went down for four hours of maintenance at 3am PDT… which is 6pm here. Thanks for ruining my Friday night plans, Blizz!

Anyhow, instead of weeping that I cannot play Hearthstone (Seriously, I even just got booted from the EU servers :( ) I generally use the free time to catch up on my favourite shows. Read on after the jump to see my top five binge-worthy, maintenance night gap filler shows.

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Tuesday Survey #05: Do You Watch Live Streams?


Lately I have been really enjoying watching Hearthstone streams on Twitch while I potter around the house doing dull grown up things like washing the dishes or folding laundry.

Of course, I would much rather play Hearthstone if I could, but being able to throw on Hafu or Ryzen while I go about my day at least keeps me entertained and lets me pick up a few new tricks for when I do finally sit down for a few games.

However, I know watching a live stream is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially here in the blogsphere. I have written before about some of the misconceptions people have about live streaming but, to be fair, there are so many streams out there that are pretty terrible.

Do people just not like streams because they have only ever been exposed to the bad ones, or is it something else?


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5FF: Games I Love To Play (Right Now)


I usually struggle with the 5 Fandom Friday topics because a lot of the talking points are just not relevant to me at all, but this particular one is something I would be crazy to miss out on!

I haven’t really had much time to play video games lately, but I still do squeeze in the occasional session; mostly on the weekends when I can afford to stay up a bit later and have a zombie day with the kids.

Read on to learn what games I’m loving right now.

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