5 Things I Want To Do Differently In My Second Pregnancy

5 things pregnancy

I just got back from my 24 week ante-natal appointment and I was honestly surprised to see that I’ve not gained 10 kilos, haven’t developed Gestational Diabetes and my blood pressure is, if anything, a little on the low side. Thank goodness my placenta is so awesome, because I am doing a terrible job of doing things differently in my second pregnancy. Which is a shame, because I started out with the best of intentions. (more…)

OT: Happy Easter


It’s been a while since I posted, and that is so not cool. I’ve even had a tonne of cool ideas for posts, especially after coming back from our trip to the city. I bought a bunch of stuff for baby, I found some really peculiar sweets and had my son cause a panic when he fell from a Shetland Pony (Don’t worry, he was totally fine). Great stories, all of them! But I had been home for one day when my post holiday buzz came absolutely smashing down around me: on Monday afternoon my Grandma passed away suddenly. So, yeah. Not really much Easter cheer going on around these parts (Hence the rather grumpy Easter graphic. It is basically a selfie of what I look like right now). I am just a giant, fun sucking vacuum of hurt, worry and self pity. Awesome. At least this Open Thread is full of cool stuff: (more…)

OT: What Games Are Your Kids Playing?


Liam’s latest gaming obsession is Starcraft. He woke up early this morning and set himself up a game of “Super Starcraft” which seems to involve him creating Lego buildings and then having them attack each other. A few hours later he got his father to set him up a proper game on the computer: Liam and two AI’s set to medium up against two AI’s set to very easy. Seems fair, right? And, as sure as the sun rises in the east, I can bet that later on today (After he has played lots of games that don’t involve a screen) he will ask very sweetly if he can pretty please watch some Starcrafts: (more…)

15 Reasons Why I Am Not My Avatar

15 reasons

The theme for this month’s Gadabout Gamers is “I am/I am not my avatar”. This topic has so much potential, and I imagine that Gamer Wife will receive some fantastic, well thought out essays about online identity. This post will not be one of them. No, instead of an intellectual piece of writing, you get a list of 15 reasons why I am not my avatar. Enjoy! (more…)

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