Time Flies When You’re A Mum

I had forgotten how once there is a newborn in your life, time becomes this strange enigma. On one hand, it seems to be crawling along as you sit there all bleary eyed and cold doing the 3am feed, while on the other hand, the days on the calendar just fly by at record pace. It feels like I blinked and suddenly Katelyn is one month old.

(She is doing incredibly well after her rough start to life. We had a follow up appointment with the hospital on Friday, as well as an MRI to see if the clot is clearing. Doctor was happy with her development so far. We haven’t heard anything back about the MRI results yet.)

At least one of us is getting some sleep!

At least one of us is getting some sleep!

Another thing that has crept up on me during the newborn time warp was the announcement that patch 6.0.2 is up on the PTR. That means Warlords of Draenor is two months away and I still haven’t even finalised a server or main to play on yet, let alone do I have anything ready for release day.

Ha! Like I have the time to get anything ready! I squeezed in some game time yesterday while my husband was home from work sick and I managed to get my latest “main” to level 22…

"Hi! I probably won't ever make it to 90."

“Hi! I am Neri’s current ‘main’. I probably won’t ever make it to 90.”

Lastly, while I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that it’s September, time to enter this month’s competition that I am running in conjunction with Donald Ray Bernard is running out. Sure, it says there is still 14 days left, but you never know when the time enigma will strike and suddenly it will be too late and you’ll have missed your chance to score a $35 ThinkGeek voucher. If you haven’t done so already, you should totally throw your name into the hat.


This month’s prize is a $35 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate.

What are you most excited for in the near future?

The Luckiest Unlucky Baby: Katelyn’s Birth Story

This is a very long post, there are a few ‘f-bombs’, and it’s probably disjointed and hard to read at times. Consider yourself warned.

katelyn closeup

It was three weeks ago today that I gave birth to Miss Katelyn, our baby girl. During the final week of my pregnancy we discovered that her tummy was much bigger than her head (The fancy medical term for it is Asymmetrical Growth) and my doctor was concerned. With her tummy measuring as big as it was, there was a very real possibility that she may get stuck.

The complications of that had me terrified: a broken clavicle, brain damage, or worse. My friend who came with me to the appointment was tearing up. I just sat there nodding; inside my mind reeling. My doctor gave me all the information I needed and asked me to decide how I wanted to give birth.

In the end I decided to stick to the original plan and be induced; my doctor assured me that she would be present, as would a paediatrician and two senior midwives. If it looked like Katelyn was struggling for even a second, we had all the right people there to make sure she would be okay. (more…)

Warcraft 2: Old School is Cool!

This is a guest post written by Donald Ray Bernard.

Let’s take a walk down gaming memory lane, shall we?


Image source: blizzard.com

Do these screens make you all sentimental, warm, and tingly inside?

When I was young, I hated it when my parents would tell me about “the good old days”.

But now, not even anywhere near my golden years, I find myself reminiscing about archaic things (Gack!)

Anyway, today I look back at the oh so glorious Warcraft 2, one of my favorite games growing up. (more…)

Total Conquest, a Totally Convincing Game (at Best)

Total Conquest

This is a guest post by the lovely Allie Cooper.

Dry, often giggle-worthy humor. Deeper than usual gameplay. Pleasing graphics and colorful actions. Things are just brilliantly executed by Gameloft in this gem among the rubble called Total Conquest. It is mainly a strategy game, combining action-packed animation and cleverly designed builder and defense mechanics (plus an active social networking feature) into an expansive yet cohesive world.


Why We Chose To Find Out The Gender Of Our Baby

Why We Chose To Find Out The Gender Of Our Baby - mamaneedsmana.com

I had a rather awkward encounter with a couple of older women while waiting to see my doctor for my 38 week check up yesterday, where they felt the need to talk – rather loudly – about how ridiculous it was that parents these days find out the gender of their child before it’s been born. In their infinite wisdom, they decided that the ‘now’ generation were simply too impatient to experience the ‘magic’ of finding out in the delivery room. My Twitter account copped an absolute beating as I tried not to feed the trolls sitting across from me.


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