{IRL} Negative Neri

negative neri

Twenty year old Neri was a glass-half-full kind of person. No matter the problem, I could convince myself that it wasn’t the end of the universe, that things could be so much worse, and that there is always a silver lining to even the hardest of issues. But, now that I am rapidly approaching 30, I have noticed that I have lost that spark and I’m just plain old negative about everything.

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The Trends Driving Mobile Gaming


Think about this for a moment: only five years ago, the idea of mobile gaming barely extended beyond the likes of Tetris and Solitaire. Sure there were plenty of additional arcade-style offerings available for mobile phones, but in the time since then, the entire concept of mobile gaming has been transformed into the most varied and inventive branch of gaming industry. Thanks to the rise of smartphones and the app market, there are now hundreds of developers churning out innumerable titles in every category imaginable.

In large part, it’s simply technology that’s driven this transition. As soon as apps became popular it was inevitable that the gaming market attached to them would explode. However, there have also been some specific developments and innovations within app gaming that have helped these games become not just prolific, but in some cases cutting edge.

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{Event Planning} Recovering After A Poor Turn Out

Organising a local gaming event is no small feat, and low attendance can feel like a real slap in the face.

My husband and I run a local Blizzard fan group, and on 26 January, we ran our first proper public event. Usually our events are done in a private room in the local library or online, but this time we were a part of a much larger festival that was held in an open space.

We put together a fantastic schedule, we sought out sponsors who provided some epic prizes, and we tried our best to promote the event, but it wasn’t enough.

Out of a group of 85, only 10 of us attended.

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Neri vs. The Fish For Over 50’s Article


As I mentioned in my resolutions post a few weeks ago, my number one goal is to really get stuck into my writing course. I have until the end of this year to complete it, and six months into it I have only managed to hand in a pathetic five assignments! However, I have finally bumped it up the ol’ priority totem pole, and in the process I’m discovering a new issue that I’ve never quite experienced before.

It’s like Writer’s Block, but…not?

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