{Feed, Burp, Game} Summoner’s War: Sky Arena Review

Welcome to Feed, Burp, Game, a quick mobile app review column written from the perspective of a time strapped, overtired mother who has discovered the fine art of balancing her phone on her lap so it’s within reach of her index finger and doesn’t impede on bub’s feeding time. 

My husband has a terrible habit of letting our five year old just download whatever he wants from the Google Play store without first checking it out. Of course, he doesn’t let him do that on his phone, though! Nope, it’s usually my busted old Samsung Galaxy S4 that ends up with completely random apps installed on it. That is how I ended up with Summoner’s War: Sky Arena by Com2uS, a turn based RPG that allows you to collect, level, customise and battle with over 400 monsters.

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Confessions of a Blogger


My Bloglovin’ feed has been filled with fantastic posts from bloggers I love sharing their confessions about blogging. Everything from what attire people are wearing to their hopes, dreams and fears about blogging have been put out there, and I think it’s fantastic that newbie bloggers and readers alike can catch a glimpse of the writers behind their favourite blogs.

Personally, I’m just glad to have something to write about that doesn’t involve me harping on about babies or this month’s competition:P


Time Flies When You’re A Mum

At least one of us is getting some sleep!

I had forgotten how once there is a newborn in your life, time becomes this strange enigma. On one hand, it seems to be crawling along as you sit there all bleary eyed and cold doing the 3am feed, while on the other hand, the days on the calendar just fly by at record pace. It feels like I blinked and suddenly Katelyn is one month old.

(She is doing incredibly well after her rough start to life. We had a follow up appointment with the hospital on Friday, as well as an MRI to see if the clot is clearing. Doctor was happy with her development so far. We haven’t heard anything back about the MRI results yet.)

WIN A $35 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate


This competition is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Kitty, and thank you to everyone who entered!

It’s that time again, where I give away random stuff because #yolo or whatever. This month, with the help of September sponsor, Donald Ray Bernard, I’m giving away a $35 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate to one lucky reader.

Finally! A prize that you non-World of Warcraft playing readers can get in on! :P


The Luckiest Unlucky Baby: Katelyn’s Birth Story

This is a very long post, there are a few ‘f-bombs’, and it’s probably disjointed and hard to read at times. Consider yourself warned.

katelyn closeup

It was three weeks ago today that I gave birth to Miss Katelyn, our baby girl. During the final week of my pregnancy we discovered that her tummy was much bigger than her head (The fancy medical term for it is Asymmetrical Growth) and my doctor was concerned. With her tummy measuring as big as it was, there was a very real possibility that she may get stuck.

The complications of that had me terrified: a broken clavicle, brain damage, or worse. My friend who came with me to the appointment was tearing up. I just sat there nodding; inside my mind reeling. My doctor gave me all the information I needed and asked me to decide how I wanted to give birth.

In the end I decided to stick to the original plan and be induced; my doctor assured me that she would be present, as would a paediatrician and two senior midwives. If it looked like Katelyn was struggling for even a second, we had all the right people there to make sure she would be okay. (more…)

Warcraft 2: Old School is Cool!

This is a guest post written by Donald Ray Bernard.

Let’s take a walk down gaming memory lane, shall we?


Image source: blizzard.com

Do these screens make you all sentimental, warm, and tingly inside?

When I was young, I hated it when my parents would tell me about “the good old days”.

But now, not even anywhere near my golden years, I find myself reminiscing about archaic things (Gack!)

Anyway, today I look back at the oh so glorious Warcraft 2, one of my favorite games growing up. (more…)

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