Six Reasons Why I Love Hearthstone

6 Reasons Why I Love Hearthstone

It’s no secret that I am developing quite the obsession with Hearthstone. So much so that my World of Warcraft subscription is currently on hiatus, even with the new Blood Elf models going live earlier this week.

Long story short, Hearthstone is ticking all the right boxes for what I am looking for in a game right now, and I haven’t been this content in a very long time.

So, what is it about this particular title that I’m enjoying so much? Read on to find out.

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Damsels in Distress No More


This is a guest post by the wonderful Lily Sommers. Please have a read and leave a comment on her incredibly thoughtful opinion piece! -Neri

Empowering girls to break gender boundaries

There was a time when women in video games were nothing but princesses trapped in castles (but apparently, not this castle – she’s in another one), never learning despite being abducted by the same turtle monster a dozen times. They were princesses in need of saving, kidnapped by dragons or cults, or taken hostage by terrorist groups, which only the heroes could go against. They were passive recipients of action, awaiting their saviors, and sometimes even regarded as ”generally useless”. And even when you could use them, they were healers, wielding staves and rods and characteristically frail, with low HP and low Defense.

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Tuesday Survey #02


Have you ever spent real money on Hearthstone?

While reading commentary on last week’s rumoured leaks from Blizzard HQ, a blogger or commenter — I can’t remember who* — claimed that Hearthstone‘s 25 million odd player count doesn’t really mean it is a success because, as a free-to-play title with minimal barriers to entry, big numbers don’t necessarily mean it is bringing home a big pay cheque.

Fair point!

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