The War On Screen Time

war on screentime

It will surprise no-one to learn that my almost six year old is a bit keen on video games, and, by ‘a bit keen’ I actually mean absolutely obsessed.

Pretty much every second sentence out of his mouth is some variation of, “Mum, did you know that in Minecraft you can fight the Ender Dragon? Dad, did you know that in Minecraft you can use sand to make TNT? How weird is that!”

Basically, if he had his way all of his free time ever would be dedicated to playing Minecraft on the PS4. Naturally, I don’t let that happen, and my reward for trying to be a responsible parent is a house that has now turned into a battlefield.

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Tuesday Survey #03: Do You ‘Netdeck’?

The process of stealing a tournament winning TCG/OCG/CCG decklist from a discussion forum and replicating it. Implies a lack of creativity and desire to do nothing other than win in the player. – Urban Dictionary

A good friend of mine recently started playing Hearthstone and she shared with me on Facebook a screenshot and story of a particularly good game she had just won. By doing so, she somehow sparked a rather… interesting debate on the meta-game and what affect netdecking has on it. Things got heated.

In another conversation in a separate group, I straight up offended someone when I wrongly said that they alt-tabbed out to double check their card choices in arena runs. Whoops.

Needless to say, netdecking seems to hit a lot of buttons with people!

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Gaming Culture and the Pressure to Pay

Gaming Culture and the Pressure to Pay

There was a post published on Healing the Masses a few weeks ago titled, ‘The Allured, Ignorant and Inattentive,’ which talked about how we as gamers are our own worst enemy when it comes to shaping the gaming industry.

Eri sparked a discussion that got me thinking about my own spending habits and consumption of gaming, and in particular, how the hype machine can very easily ‘trick’ fools like me into paying for a game that that they aren’t really all that in to.

Back in the good old days getting caught up in hype and buying a dud game was not a big deal at all. Neither time nor money was really an issue; we could happily jump on the hype train and play a new MMO until the shine wore of and not think anything of it.

Even if we only played the game for a week it felt like good value because whatever we had paid for it would have just been spent on booze at the pub otherwise.

Basically, we had more money than sense and we were probably a game developer’s dream consumer. But, as most of us here are well aware, times change, and so too do lifestyles.

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Organising A Local Hearthstone Meet Up


After quite literally years of toying with the idea of forming some kind of local group of video game enthusiasts but never getting past the, “What shall we call it?” stage of planning, my husband and I have finally started up a local gaming group.

Since making some new friends is the aim of the game, and both of us are currently obsessed with Hearthstone, we’ve decided that our first meet up will be a Fireside Gathering.

Ooooh yeah, geeking out about Hearthstone for two hours followed by lunch and beers at an appropriately themed English pub down the road sounds like a splendid way to spend a Saturday!

If you happen to live in the City of Geraldton and are interested in meeting other local Hearthstone players, read on to learn more about our first Fireside Gathering event :)

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February Was A Really Good Month


Baby Katelyn had a Paediatrician appointment last week, and we finally got the good news that we were hoping to hear. The MRI she had back in October has come back with an all clear! There was no visible blood vessel abnormality, so the Neurologist is happy to say that the chances of another bleed occurring are negligible.

I honestly cannot express how much happiness and relief I felt hearing those words. In fact, I’m getting a little teary now just thinking about it! While we still won’t know exactly what damage the first bleed has caused until she is older, the Paediatrician was happy to see that Katelyn is meeting all her milestones so far.

Anyhow, super spectacular, amazing, wonderful, cannot be beaten news aside, let’s check up on how I went with my gaming and life goals in February, shall we?

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