Warcraft 2: Old School is Cool!

This is a guest post written by Donald Ray Bernard.

Let’s take a walk down gaming memory lane, shall we?


Image source: blizzard.com

Do these screens make you all sentimental, warm, and tingly inside?

When I was young, I hated it when my parents would tell me about “the good old days”.

But now, not even anywhere near my golden years, I find myself reminiscing about archaic things (Gack!)

Anyway, today I look back at the oh so glorious Warcraft 2, one of my favorite games growing up. (more…)

Total Conquest, a Totally Convincing Game (at Best)

Total Conquest

This is a guest post by the lovely Allie Cooper.

Dry, often giggle-worthy humor. Deeper than usual gameplay. Pleasing graphics and colorful actions. Things are just brilliantly executed by Gameloft in this gem among the rubble called Total Conquest. It is mainly a strategy game, combining action-packed animation and cleverly designed builder and defense mechanics (plus an active social networking feature) into an expansive yet cohesive world.


Why We Chose To Find Out The Gender Of Our Baby

Why We Chose To Find Out The Gender Of Our Baby - mamaneedsmana.com

I had a rather awkward encounter with a couple of older women while waiting to see my doctor for my 38 week check up yesterday, where they felt the need to talk – rather loudly – about how ridiculous it was that parents these days find out the gender of their child before it’s been born. In their infinite wisdom, they decided that the ‘now’ generation were simply too impatient to experience the ‘magic’ of finding out in the delivery room. My Twitter account copped an absolute beating as I tried not to feed the trolls sitting across from me.


Four Ways Having A Child Has Changed The Way I Game

four ways having a child changed game

When I was pregnant with Liam, I was blissfully unaware of just how much of my time would no longer be my own. Not this time, though! I may have forgotten a lot about pregnancy, but when it comes to those first few months, I am acutely aware of how much they can suck. In fact, the presence of a small human being who relies on me to ensure he doesn’t get eaten by wolves or whatever has drastically changed the way I play. (more…)

WildStar Launch Blog Post Roundup

WS roundup

When it comes to WildStar, I had done a pretty good job of coming up with reasons not to cough up the $60 required to play it. It’s too bright. It’s too grindy. Do people actually remember how crappy it was organising 40 man raids? Get off my lawn! Have I ever mentioned that I’m hopeless when it comes to rejecting the hype train? My resistance lasted right up until 24 hours before the pre-launch event, when all of a sudden I was pulling out my credit card and buying it. God dammit. (more…)

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