Blaugust Week One Complete!


This is day eight of the Blaugust Challenge.

We are over a week into the Blaugust challenge now, and so far I am mostly happy with my progress.

I surprised myself with how strongly I started off, but unfortunately it didn’t take long for me to run out of quality ideas. But then the posting schedule — or, rather, my lack of one — got in the way of remaining consistent.

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Oh, Hey There, Illidan.


This is day seven of the Blaugust challenge. Please ignore the date and pretend like it’s not the 8th today, k?

As per usual, I am woefully behind the times and have somehow not added my two cents to the blogging world’s reaction to the big World of Warcraft: Legion reveal that happened a few days ago.

So, let me make that up to you by having one bourbon too many and just writing whatever pops into my head about it! This is Illidan real talk, baby.

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World of Warcraft Pre-Announcement HYPE


This is day six of the Blaugust challenge.

In less than two hours time, Blizzard will unveil the next World of Warcraft expansion. Like 5 million odd people who have cancelled their subscriptions, I am sad to say that I was underwhelmed with Warlords of Draenor, even though the levelling content was so brilliant.

And yet, here I am at 10.30pm on a Thursday night sitting in Vent with a whole bunch of other Aussie fans counting down the hours until we know where we’re headed next.

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