Weekend Open Thread: WoW Burnout

High five, everyone! We survived another week and now we are rewarded with two days of work-free bliss. Woot! Let’s kick things off with an open thread, shall we? I’ll start!

I’m a big fan of World of Warcraft, but lately I’ve been feeling a little…blah about the game. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been participating in three different raid groups, if my work here has me distracted, or because one by one the people whose company I enjoy in-game are wandering off to try new things, but lately I find myself just logging in to list some auctions and chat with a few people over Real ID and then logging out again. It’s been a long time since I actually went and did something on my own.

Player Burn out? Hmm. Perhaps. I think I need a change of scenery, just for a little bit, so I can work out what it is I actually want to achieve with my play time. My husband recently changed guilds and it has reinvigorated his love for the game. Another friend is off trying new titles for while to see if that helps him decide what the future holds for his WoW play. Beruthiel from Falling Leaves and Wings quit raiding altogether and is now adjusting to life in the casual lane — something which seems to have opened up both her real life and life in Azeroth in ways she had never before envisioned. Different strokes for different folks.

What are you playing this weekend?



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