Weekend Open Thread: Game On

As most World of Warcraft players are probably aware of by now, patch 5.2 dropped this week. I had planned to sink my teeth into the new zone with my husband, but it turns out that since it’s server specific progression for unlocking the island, Real ID grouping doesn’t work. Then he tried to get me in on a kill for Galleon, and once again, it wouldn’t teleport me to his realm. So, you know what? Fuck WoW. I’m on a self imposed 48 hour ban.

I spent last night hunting down pinata’s in RIFT. However, this post by Liore titled, How a Free-To-Play Game Got My Money, has me sorely tempted to dust off my little Elin Slayer and head back to Arcadia. While Guild Wars 2 arguably does active combat better, I am just so in love with the gorgeous graphics of TERA. With its visually stunning world and challenging combat system, it’s different enough to not feel like yet another WoW clone but with just enough similarities that I’m not completely out of my comfort zone.

Then there is Diablo 3. If you enjoyed my post, Diablo 3 Eight Months On: Is The Hate Still Justified? then I highly recommend you have a read of Beruthiel’s post titled, Would Diablo Have Been More Fun Without An Auction House? Many of the people who I spoke to about the game shared a similar attitude and I think Beruthiel brings up some fantastic points. I think I’ll be steering clear of D3 this weekend though; Real ID offers too many opportunities for guildies to demand my attention in Azeroth and I really want to focus on different games this weekend! 😉

Welcome to yet another open thread, where you can talk about pretty much whatever you want. Need help getting the conversation started? Tell us what you’re playing this weekend!

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  • 48 hour ban has officially finished. I got to level 40 in RIFT and have an exciting idea for a new Youtube series to boot. Overall, I had more fun this weekend playing games than I have in a very long time. Mission = success!

    • Jakyl

      Neri if you are having more fun playing other games and you want to distance yourself in WoW. Have you considered taking a less active role as a guild leader. While still being active have yourself some great officers and delegate. Have your officers take over key parts of your guild and then any issues relating to that part you refer the people on to that officer. The only stuff you should have to deal with is stuff regarding your officers and anything you choose to deal with. That way you shouldn’t have to deal with lots of little problems of your guild. The officers will only be dealing with the problems they have agreed to deal with for example if you have an officer looking after a particular raid problems like disruptive players in raids and stuff can fall to them. Any suggestions for input into raids will be with them. If an officer has a problem that they feel they can’t resolve on their own or they feel the guild leader should have a say then they would come to you. If the officer has trouble keeping up with the workload they can always assign some helpers to help them that report to the officer :p. This is just a thought seeing as I read you were getting burnt out with WoW

      • Jakyl Neri Hey! Thank you for your concern and ideas on how I can improve it. These past few months have been so chaotic in /o chat that I felt it was either I step in and pick up the slack where other officers have failed me or sit back and let the guild crumble. That is how I ended up bearing so much of the responsibility — the others just weren’t doing it. I actually demoted those who were letting us down a few weeks ago and we have since redistributed the load. Now that Beaves is raid leader the biggest stress by far is off my shoulders. He’s doing a phenomenal job of leading you all to victory AND I haven’t been called in to raid! I never realised just how….not fun it was to be put on the spot suddenly and having to lead a team which is at a higher skill level than I can manage, as well as constantly switching between toons to fill any gaps. Add that to my own raid team and it definitely was too much. 
        I just need a little bit of a break. I don’t want to quit WoW entirely and I certainly don’t want to see the guild in turmoil when I return. In the meantime, things seem to be finally settling down and bosses are dying again! Don’t worry, you guys can’t get rid of me that easily 😉

        • Jakyl

          Neri Jakyl Now all you have to do is fill in the gaps for your relaxed raid and you can sit back relax while killing lots of bosses 😀