Too Old For Gaming?

I recently read a post in a facebook group by a woman who was told by someone that she was ‘too old’ to play World of Warcraft. She was understandably upset as she had never considered that 40 would be the cut off age for enjoying a favourite pastime.

While it bemuses me that attitudes like this are still around, Β I – like many gamers – have experienced the “games are for kids” attitude at least once in my life.

It always makes me chuckle because I am not sure how ditching the controller and just watching TV makes someone more grown up, especially when you consider that games are still being refused classification here in Australia due to their adult content.

I wonder if this attitude comes from an older generation who watched their kids grow up with games, but missed the part where the games were also growing up with them.

When I started playing video games we were intoΒ Alex the Kidd and Sonic the Hedgehog, but as my brother and I got older (and more reclusive, because that’s what teenagers do!) our parents never really saw that the games we were playing were no longer brightly coloured 8 bit dudes jumping around punching things, collecting rings or eating hamburgers.

Instead we were playing Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid — games that were not only more complex, but also had in depth story lines that sometimes dealt with distinctly adult themes.

Well, that’s my theory anyhow.

I guess it will come as no surprise that I think there is no such thing as an age limit on when a person has to stop doing something they love. 14 or 40, there is no harm in indulging in a bit of virtual reality — as long as all the boring adult stuff is done first. The haters really don’t know what they’re missing out on πŸ˜‰

What do you think? Can a person be ‘too old’ for gaming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.Β 

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  • Eldanis

    I personally get quite agitated when people state that I’m too old to play games (27), yet they seem to believe that other entertainment types are ageless, such as TV, reading, watching a movie etc.

    I think it’s engrained into generations from that generations own childhood, the same way that each generations music was the best. Our parents didnt play video games when they were children so it’s a waste of time. To them, they would have watched TV, which would have been a waste of time to their parents and so on, and so forth.

    Games are an entertainment, an art form (Bioshock Infinite looks amazing, Destiny looks amazing) and age should have no sway in their enjoyment, in the same way that age should not alter the enjoyment a person gets from a book.

    • I have gotten into quite a few heated arguments with family members about how gaming is no different from their television habits, but it always feels like they just stick their fingers in their ears and go, “lalala I can’t hear you!”.

      Gaming is definitely an entertainment medium, and perhaps one day there we will be the ones frowning on all those young whipper snappers strapped into their virtual reality headsets instead of firing up the ol’ Playstation 10 πŸ˜›

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Luxypie

    I’ve had arguments with people who watch TV and play Facebook games in their spare time who can’t understand that playing an MMO is no different but it also comes with the added games are for boys! All are activities which entertain us, yet apparently actual games are only for (male) children. While television and Facebook games are appropriate for adults. I could turn it around and say ‘TV and Facebook games are only for old people!’ because those are things my Grandmother enjoys but anyone can enjoy those things.

    If you enjoy something, there is no age limit to when you can no longer enjoy that thing. Besides there are so many references in games that would go way beyond the heads of younger players. Clearly the game devs have all age groups in mind.

    • Ugh, the whole ‘games are for boys’ thing really annoys me. At one stage over half our raid team was women, but every once in a while we’d get a new recruit who would make a huge deal out of the fact that we were women and we played WoW. It just made us feel like we were some kind of attraction at the zoo and those players didn’t last long at all. It really sucks copping from both outside and within the gaming community, but I have hope that things will improve. At least I still have the power to /gkick idiots who freak out about my gender in-game πŸ˜›

      Imagine the offense those TV/Facebook fans would take if you did one day call them old people. I imagine the dressing down you would get would be phenomenal.

  • Brittany Belling

    Most people that I’ve come across respect us, we spend our money on video games, consoles, and TVs. There are so many other bad habits we could be into, like going to the bar too often, etc. It’s a fantastic past time to have, really! I love winding down at night by playing a cooperative video game with my husband.

  • Jennifer Matt

    Too old for World of Warcraft?? Pffft. I’m 44 and almost everyone in my guild was 35 and older. Our main tank was a 65 year old grandma, playing an orc DK.
    Honestly, I think the MMO’s attract far more adults. As a mother of two teenagers, they live for console games. I don’t even think they have friends that play World of Warcraft (its just not as cool anymore).

    • When I look at the guilds I am in, the youngest person is 22 and they are often (playfully) teased about being the baby. I definitely agree with you, MMO’s attract an older crowd, and for that I am grateful. LFG and BG’s are painful enough as it is, we don’t need the MOBA toxicity or FPS rage in there as well!

      Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  • This is silly. Too old for gaming. What a load of hooey. I get sick of people older than me telling me to grow up. Telling me I need stop stop playing games like it’s not a valid form of entertainment. So frustrating. Why do others feel it is their business to tell me what I like to do is ok or not ok?

    • If growing up means that I have to forsake a legitimate form of entertainment, then I guess I’ll be forever a 10 year old. I would much prefer that to being old and bitter like some of these people come across as!

      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚