The Diet Diary: 12WBT Begins For Real

Finally, the Michelle Bridges 12WBT challenge has kicked off for real. The food is surprisingly good, the exercise is soul-crushing and… oh joy, an ear infection from hell. I sure would love to know what it’s like to be a healthy human being. Read on to see how I coped with week one.

12WBT Week One:

Monday 5/8:  In the first of what I am sure will be many operator errors, I don’t read the recipe properly and accidentally make a double serve of breakfast. Thankfully, my husband starts work late so I could offload the excess muesli to him. Then it’s time to exercise. Pleasantly, the website actually has a stream of what exercise DVD you’re meant to be doing should you have chosen the “work at home” option. It destroys me. Dinner is simple yet tasty. Not sure it will make it to my trusty cook book of epic recipes, though.

Tuesday 6/8: I wake up feeling stiff, but surprisingly not hungry. I thought I would have been ready to rip a leg off of a wildebeest, but nope, my egg on toast is more than enough. 45 minutes of strength training later, and Husband gets home to one hell of a hot mess! Dinner absolutely blows me away. Any doubts I had about tuna spaghetti with zucchini and cherry tomatoes are gone forever. I think I have a new favourite dish!

Wednesday 7/8: I wake up feeling exhausted. The 45 minutes Fat Blaster circuit is probably one of the most painful things I have ever done. I try to go as fast as I can, but I’m running on empty. Afterwards I sneeze and the most intense pain stabs inside my ear. Oh, cool. I make a doctors appointment and then eat a surprisingly tasty lunch of a grilled eggplant, capsicum, mushrooms and ricotta wrap. Dinner is less than impressive. A lot of fiddling around to make chickpea and veg pies that taste average. The first dud meal on the food plan.

Thursday 8/8: Rough night in lots of pain. Doctor informs me that I have a severe ear infection.  Antibiotics, painkillers and a warning that if the pain gets any worse in the next 24 hours that I’ll have to go to hospital for IV antibiotics. Seriously? Exercise is out of the question, but I still manage to stick to the food plan, thanks to good ol’ left overs.

Friday 9/8: No breakfast, just sleep. In fact, I spend most of the day in bed. I do manage to dope myself up with enough painkillers to sneak in a cheeky date with my husband that night. Needless to say, the food plan went out the window, but I at least chose the halloumi and roast veg salad instead of a giant steak with chips for dinner.

Saturday 10/8: I manage to get out of bed at a decent time, that’s a plus! I also resist the urge eat a Wendy’s hot dog with the boys. Instead I eat the last of the awful pies for lunch and have a treat dinner according to the plan, even though I didn’t do the mammoth 1,000 calorie exercise today. Keeping that in mind, I have a modest serving of chicken stroganoff that was made with organic pasta, organic chicken and 98% fat free sauce. Could have been worse, I suppose.

Sunday 11/8: I do my own thing for breakfast and lunch: vegemite on toast and left over stroganoff. I’m still not well enough to exercise, but I don’t feel *as* bad about it because apparently it’s a rest day anyhow. Dinner is divine: Cajun pork with coleslaw and sweet corn. It was also incredibly quick and easy, which was lucky, as the boys decided to order in pizza. I gave myself a fistbump for showing more restraint.

Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that I wake up this morning well enough to throw myself back into the plan. My first weigh on on Wednesday was really promising, but I am dreading that it has all been undone by this stupid ear infection. Let’s hope I have gotten all illness related hurdles out of the way early!

How are you going with your lifestyle overhaul?

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  • Luxypie

    Oh, god. I’m sorry to hear about the ear infection. So very painful.

    Good work! I can never eat properly when I am sick. I need whatever is tasty and comforting! I am currently pushing myself to get back to the gym every day, it SUCKS! So sore and I didn’t go yesterday and I am going to pretend that my afternoon shopping trip is a fine substitute for today which unless I walk there (I won’t), it won’t be.

    Disco is so mean eating hot dogs and pizza around you!

    • Thanks. It’s not so bad now, I just can’t hear out of one ear 🙁

      At this early stage, I feel like every day is overkill. I’m so sore that there’s no way I’m giving the workouts the kind of intensity that they probably need to be successful. The gym is probably worse still, because you can’t half-ass a machine work out! At least you’ll be up and about at the shops, I probably won’t leave this computer chair again today *sigh*

      Yes, Disco really is. So much for him “proving” that you don’t need a weight loss program to shed the kgs! Pretty sure he’s going to gain whatever I shed! :-/

      • Luxypie

        He will! That totally happens! He will have to join you! 😀

  • Alise Headlam

    So proud of you! I would of bailed at the sore ear. Really looking forward to seeing how you go for the next 11 weeks,

    • It was definitely tempting, that’s for sure. That’s the good part of having spent money I guess, I could have binged, but then I would have been wasting money that could have gone towards the “GTFO of Alice” fund.

      Thanks for your support! <3