Five Geeky Loves I Just Don’t ‘Get’

I like to consider myself a bit of a geek, but I know I am not “hard core”. I don’t believe that anyone has the right to demand you recite the alphabet in Klingon if you just so happen to be wearing a Star Trek shirt, and I certainly don’t pass judgement on others if they know less about my pet subject than I do. That’s just silly! We are all into different things, and I shall prove it by yanking open my closet and dragging out the deepest, darkest skeletons any self-professed geek could ever hide.

Please don’t hate me!

5. Dr. Who

IΒ watched it when I was younger but it never really captivated me. I recently watched one of the newer ones where the Doctor wore a suit and had some wicked crazy eyes happening and I still do not understand what the obsession with the doctor is.

dr who
I really don’t see the appeal at all.

4. Warhammer 40,000

I tried so hard to develop the same kind of passion and knowledge of this game that my husband and many of our friends love to play, but I just find it so…meh. Couple that with Games Workshop’s love of having their way with with the Australian consumers’ wallets and I am quite happy to say I’m not a part of this love affair.

warhammer pic
“Money. All of it. Now.”

3. Geeky Tattoos

Getting inked with your favourite is a massive thing these days. I, however, am I gigantic chicken and would never be brave enough to whack the Druid’s Omen of Clarity vines on my foot or a gate address to Earth onmy wrist. Blame my ex. He went and got a Nintendo logo tattooed to the back of his neck and it forever tainted it for me.

Very cool, but so not me.
Very cool, but so not me.

2. Board Games

I have been invited to many an evening where groups of people come together and spend an hour picking a game to play, another half an hour setting it up, and the rest of the evening disputing each others interpretation of the ridiculously thick book of rules. Booooooooring! I’d rather just stay home with a bottle of booze and some video games.

Yes, this is a board game.

1. Legend of Zelda

Pretty sure this confession will get me blacklisted by every single one of my gamer friends, but I have never played a Zelda game. I am proud to say I grew up playing SEGA and, later, PS2. While I at least now understand that the dude with the sword and the terrible wannabe Peter Pan outfit is not called Zelda, it just looks like another damsel in distress trope. Pass.

Legend of Zelda
Sorry, I’m just not that into you.

What about you? Are there any geeky passions popular in your circle of friends that you just can’t get into? Unburden yourself in the comments below.

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  • /afk

    Warcraft TCG. The only thing I could see it awesome for is the vanity items and mounts you could get from them…but playing them – no thanks.

    Mind you at the same time I *am* really looking forward to hearthstone…hopefully they have the the same time of vanity items aquireable when it goes live

    • Hearthstone is really going to expose people who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in card games to something that can be incredibly fun and very tactical. I’m still sad the card game itself is dying though. I’m old school and I love having a tangible deck!

  • Alise Headlam

    We can no longer be friends.
    I will remember you fondly, up until I read this post.

    I kid, I kid, as long as you let me try to convert you about Doctor Who.

    • I suppose I would be open to persuasion. It could be that I’ve only ever seen really bad episodes!

      • Do you remember which ones? I recall a couple that made me happy I was multi-tasking with the computer… πŸ˜›

  • Here’s my take…

    Dr. Who – If you watch random episodes, you probably won’t get it or like it much, if at all. It’s weird, and involved, and the crazy eyes can be…well, weird. If you ever feel like giving it a 2nd chance, start with episode one of season one of the new series, and watch at least 3 episodes before giving up again. It grows on you, I promise! I didn’t like it much for the first couple of episodes (it just seemed odd), and then again for the first couple of episodes with each new Doctor, but after watching all of what’s currently available on Netflix, I adore this show. Never thought I’d say THAT! I’m actually planning to design our bedroom with a subtle Doctor Who theme, now, complete with our names in Gallifrey on throw pillows (and yes, I know that makes me insane, LOL)!

    Warhammer 40,000 – I think I could totally dig this game, or the non-40K version, at least, if not for the insanity-inducing price tag. On the other hand, there are so many other things I enjoy more, why bother even feeling sad about the cost? I’m with you on this one.

    Geeky Tattoos – My husband has periodically talked about getting the Pac-Man ghosts on his forearm. True story. I, on the other hand, know that my gaming loves are so fickle, I would be terrified of getting a tattoo, then later loathing the game for some reason! That said, I would possibly consider getting a tattoo of the Piranha Plant on my foot. Love me some Mario β™₯

    Board Games – LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ So….I’m not with you on this one. BUT, I get you! It can be extremely obnoxious, waiting for your group to PUT THE DARN GAME TOGETHER AND STOP ARGUING ABOUT THE RULES AND PLAY ALREADY, especially when you KNOW you’ve got a tiny anti-fun-device sleeping in the other room, just waiting for you to sit down with an adults-only game you really want to play so they can leap out at you needing ALL THE THINGS…and nobody will HURRY UP ALREADY. I adore board games, the geekier the better, but FOR PETE’S SAKE!!

    Legend of Zelda – You mean it’s not Zelda and the Princess?? I kid – but I didn’t know the Peter Pan kid wasn’t Zelda either, until I got married and made my husband about puke laughing at me. That right there pretty much killed any chance I will EVER like that game.

    • My housemate is insisting that I watch it with her. She said the same as you, that I should watch it in a particular order, but so far I have managed to evade her efforts to trick me into watching it πŸ˜›

      Warhammer Fantasy or whatever it’s called is definitely more my flavour, but yeah, the prices are also stupid crazy for that one as well. Even the LotR version is made by Games Workshop so there is just no reprieve.

      I have a few friends, who since reading this post, have said that I’m just playing the wrong types of games. It really is just the setting up and arguing that gets on my nerves. I am not a patient lady, even more so now that I have a child and adult time is precious!

      LOL I thought my husband was going to kick me out of the house when I confessed about Zelda xD

      • As much as I love Doctor Who, I think it’s probably fine if you never do or give it a chance πŸ˜› We don’t have to all love the same things – where’s the fun in that?!

        I would probably like the fantasy version better, too. Or LotR.

        I understand – I get really annoyed if people won’t get moving when I can game. I would game a couple nights a week if I could, but now I’m lucky to get to do it every few months. I don’t have the patience or the time to wait around!

        My hubby loves Zelda, too. I’m not sure he knows how much I could care less πŸ˜›

  • Ocho

    I am all about this post. Love it. Mainly because I, like you, are absolutely chastised by my fellow geeks alike because yeah, I’m just not into their form of geek.

    My list:

    I’ve never seen an episode of Dr Who, or pretty much any new television series. No Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, etc. etc. I’ve been working my way through every episode of Star Trek ever made, which is quite an undertaking, and just don’t watch TV otherwise.

    The last Superhero movie I saw was Spiderman with Toby McGuire. I hated it. I just don’t get the whole superhero genre either. Batman/Superman/Dude who bursts into flames/etc? Meh.

    Same with Star Wars. I’ve seen all the movies… and I thought they were okay, but as a basic story of light vs dark with fantasy elements, they’re alright. I’ve seen much better and I’m just not into them. Their story is not that deep and engaging to me.

    Even going to movies is something I just don’t do. The last movie I saw in the theatre? Brave. The one before that? The last Harry Potter. With a thousand movies coming out, all of dubious unproven quality, where I’m expected to pay $20 to see (me and the wife)? Pass. I can wait until it comes to video.

    Board games. I 100% agree. One of the last “new” board games I played was brought by this guy, and had us searching through a mummy’s tomb. The person who brought the game kicked all of our asses left, right, and sideways, cherry picking rules from a 1000 page rulebook to fit his case. And I… just couldn’t see the draw. The game was “neat”… but I wouldn’t quite call it “fun”.

    Miniatures/Action Figures: They sometimes look really cool, but you would never see me seriously owning one. My appreciation of the art only goes so far, and I don’t consider them on the same lines as an actual piece of art, like an Escher (whom I own many prints by).

    The “underground” music scene. Say my tastes suck all you want, but calling some tiny band fantastic BECAUSE their music isn’t widely known isn’t ingraining them to me. If their music is so good, why don’t they have better advertising, or have the music advertise for them?

    Stuff I do like: MMOs, Video gaming in general, books/reading, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Steampunk, Renn Faires, Broadway theatre, Harry Potter, Food, good drinks, disc golf, etc. The list goes on. So I do like a lot of stuff, but just because it’s not exactly what other geeks say I SHOULD like, doesn’t make me any less passionate.

    Ahhhh… that felt good. Thank you for that. πŸ™‚

    • My pleasure! I’m glad that venting helped you feel as good as I did when I wrote this!

  • Faded

    Everyone has the things they love. That being said, I’m a tattoo guy. I have a mark of the wild on my right shoulder (and a snow leopard on the other lol). I’m always thinking of my next fun tat. πŸ™‚

    I’ve never watched Dr Who either. Or BSG. Or Warhammer. I figure you pick you addictions. I’ll recommend stuff to friends but if they don’t dig it, no big. For example I’m a big fan of MLP:FIM. Just such a nice show, a great break from all the explosions and killing and stuff on tv and in the movies. It reminds me of original trek, every episode has a lesson to teach. I suggested it to one of my most geeky friends, and her husband and her just couldn’t get into it. However, whenever they go to a con they always get me some kind of Rainbow Dash thing lol. Fun!

    • I completely understand that! That’s one of the things that I love about being a geek; people may not necessarily share my interest in a particular thing, but they do understand the passion. I really cannot stand it when someone viciously interrogates another person for claiming they like something in order to determine if they like it *enough* to be legit.

      I’m so lame I have no idea what MLP:FIM even means πŸ˜›

      • Faded

        My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Basically the newest iteration of My Little Pony, written by the brilliant Lauren Faust. When I was a kid I watched a lot of tv that wasn’t exactly targeted towards boys like My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, Gummi Bears. I watched Transformers and GI Joe too, I just liked TV, liked the stories they told. So when the new version came out I decided to check it out. I guess I’m a “Brony” or whatever, but heck that means I was a Brony 30 years ago too πŸ™‚

  • Ashley

    I don’t get the Dr.Who thing either. You’re not the only one. However I do have the Horde symbol tattooed on me. I didn’t get it because I play horde, I got the tattoo, because my husband and I met through WoW, years ago. It holds a lot of meaning for us. That’s the only reason I have that symbol lol.

    • I always feel like a bit of a jerk when I reveal that I’m not into tattoos, especially when I know so many people like yourself who have put a tonne of thought into them and they represent a really special part of your life. It’s just…I’ve also met so many people like my ex who got a geeky tattoo because “cool” and I can’t seem to get past that! (There’s also that part where I change my mind on things almost every day, so I’d probably hate any theoretical tattoo I get a week later πŸ˜› )

  • Nine is my doctor and Rose fucked the series for me. When they wrote her off I stopped watching. THEY WERE SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!

    • I’ve heard that companions are pretty much doomed? That would piss me off I think!

  • Green

    Clearly you are playing the wrong board games with the wrong kind of people.

    As for Legend of Zelda… Ocarina of Time had ground-breaking game mechanics for its time. It was one of the first (if not THE first) game to introduce a 3D open world. Graphically it was not the best, but it was praised for its high level of detail. It also introduced the concept of Z-targeting, which made combat easier without removing the element of challenge.

    Ocarina of Time also has a great story, though it ultimately does fall into the damsel-in-distress trap as you mentioned. However, that being said… Zelda is not a useless princess that is shunted from castle to castle. She helps Link along his journey, even aiding him in the final fight. There are other female empowered characters as well, such as Impa and Nabooru. Not bad for a game that was published over fifteen years ago. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it as just another male ego-feeding franchise.

    I love the Zelda series, and find many of its characters memorable. I will admit that a fair portion of my love comes from nostalgia (I grew up an N64 and Sega brat), but even upon replaying the series, most times I found it was just as good as I remembered. I think that Ocarina of Time is a game that ages better than most. It was a keystone in video game history and for that reason I implore you to try it. Whether you like it or not, that’s up to you. (:

    • Haha, I’ll definitely admit that there is a strong possibility of that! I remember in my younger days we used to have a blast playing the kind of board games that usually end with everyone being very drunk and in embarrassing situations, but they certainly weren’t geeky. Perhaps one day I’ll find the right game and friends to play it with, but in the meantime, so many boooooooring experiences have just turned me right off them!

      You make some really good compelling points about Legend of Zelda. I really can’t call myself a fan of video games if I haven’t played a title that seems to have played a crucial part in so many gamers’ lives! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a well thought out comment πŸ™‚

  • Waldo Carmona

    I agree with all except the one about board gaming. I have played board games for a year and a half with my groups in Pasadena CA and Brea, it’s tons of fun and most games don’t require a lot of time for set up

  • Leah Chiasson

    That’s whats so wonderful about the world. We’re all very different and there’s so much to geek over that everyone can’t love the same thing. You do you! <3