The Diet Diary: 12WBT Train Wreck

This past month has been nothing short of chaotic. I wish I could say that the first three weeks of the 12WBT challenge had taught me enough about the benefits of clean eating and exercise that I resisted temptation and made nothing but healthy choices during this crazy time, but alas, I didn’t. It turns out that stress and uncertainty is just as big of a trigger for lazy eating as boredom is.


Basically, the last four weeks have looked like this:

Decided to leave Alice Springs on a whim — Since this was all so sudden we had less than two weeks to sort through our years of accumulated junk, pack our personal stuff, prepare the house for final inspection and remember the 50 million things one has to do during a move. While we were doing this, my best friend was doing the property dance over here trying to find us all a suitable place to live in time for us to actually, you know, have somewhere to live when we arrived. I was busy and I was stressed: while I didn’t default to just eating junk food and drinking vodka to drown my sorrows straight away, I stopped following the plan (buying new ingredients would have been a waste when I had to throw them out afterwards) and just went with the quick and easy recipes like the tuna and lemon spaghetti or steak sandwiches.

Neither of us had jobs once we got here — Thankfully the gods deemed us worthy of a home once we got here, but not jobs to pay the rent for said house. In a strange twist of fate, my husband ended up getting a job that he was previously rejected for, but this didn’t happen until week three of “lets throw caution to the wind and move interstate”.  The big downside of the 12WBT is that it just isn’t cost effective when you don’t have an already stocked pantry and fridge to work with and I wasn’t prepared to go and spend insane amounts of money on herbs and whatever else when I wasn’t sure when we would have an income again. I’m waiting until the first pay cheque comes in and I know exactly what kind of food budget I have to work with before I throw myself back into the plan.

Party, party, party — Once my husband landed a job it was time to let our hair down. We went out to dinner with friends, we drank enough booze to class us as alcoholics, and overall just made really shitty meal choices, both from a health and a financial perspective. We have both sorely missed having this kind of social life and so I think it’s pretty safe to say that we may have quite possibly gone overboard with our indulgences.

The hangover — While I am the happiest I have been in a long time, I can feel the toll this has all had on my body. I’m bloated, it’s getting harder to get up in the morning, and when I do finally drag my corpse out of bed, I rely on bulk coffee to get me through the day. It’s not cool at all. Initially I managed to avoid any super weight gain because we were so busy with cleaning and whatnot, but now that things have settled down, I am dreading to see what the damage has truly been at weigh in this week.

The real hurdle in front of me now is, ironically, the people I wanted to impress with my weight loss in the first place. The truth is, it’s really easy to stay committed to dropping the kilos when you have absolutely no social life that can lead you astray. I have waited three years to be able to have a cheeky wine with my bestie, to have a BBQ with mates or have a coffee date with my mum. Can I say no to all of that for a sake of dropping a dress size? Time will tell.

Have you ever successfully stuck to a weight loss program while dealing with a life upheaval? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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