Three Supposedly Irrational Pet Hates of Mine

One thing that my husband is definitely not excited for about this pregnancy is how all my little…quirks become amplified. I’m practically a grumpy old man at the best of times, and when you combine that with pregnancy shenangigans, it’s a recipe for disaster. A disaster for everyone else, that is. I have no problems at all with my supposedly “irrational” pet hates and you just never know when I’ll snap!

1. Too close!

I like my personal space — something that I think most people have no bloody concept of. I don’t know you, don’t touch me! The absolute worst thing, though? I love my boys to bits, but if I have to sleep on a sliver of the bed while they both spread out and take up 95% of it for one more night, I might just go postal. (The good news is that Liam has apparently picked up on this particular hate and has slept in his own bed for quite a few nights in a row now. Score!)

2. A Waste of Space

I know you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and I should just be happy that my beloved husband helps out as much as he does, but it drives me INSANE when he hangs the clothes out and they’re just spread out all over the place. No, that’s not efficient. Hang the socks and jocks together on the smallest part that can’t fit anything else! Keep the clothes within the segments. It’s just better that way, okay?!

I bet he’s really glad we don’t have a dishwasher anymore…

Not perfect technique, but I'll pass it.
Not perfect technique, but I’ll pass it.

3. Steak Etiquette

Putting a prime piece of steak in between two bits of bread is a surefire way to trigger a completely irrational reaction out of me. I didn’t just pay $10 for that bit of meat so you could ruin it with flour and water! At least make it into an epic steak sandwich with egg, bacon, fried onion and mushroom and some greens. But just bread? Give it back, you don’t deserve it!

Some days I really wonder what my husband sees in me when I’m so hard on him!

Do you have any supposedly irrational hates? Share them in the comments below.

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  • gamerwife

    Rick and I have definitely clashed over how to hang the laundry. But I have to be careful not to complain because then he gets disheartened and stops helping out. 🙁

    • I am definitely treading a fine line some days. Usually I’m pretty good with keeping my “What the hell are you doing?!” monologue internal, but some days it’s just too much 😛

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • Eri

    wow, these are my 3 main pet hates as well.
    I often just like to go to the bedroom or outside away from everyone to read my books and then I get the hubby, almost immediately coming in and wanting to have a conversation.

    It’s definitely better to organise the laundry like that too… makes it much easier to take off and pack away. Oh an with the laundry I usually have to use the same coloured/style pegs on the same item… sometimes i make a pattern with the pegs

    • I’m not quite coordinated enough for peg patterns, but I do always try to use the same type and colour for each piece of clothing — no small feat with our “two-houses-in-one” dogs breakfast peg pile!