A Super Depressing Infographic

Grudge Workforce

Since I have talked about future-proofing finances in the past, I thought I’d share this super depressing infographic that landed in my inbox this morning. It’s about a phenomenon that Suncorp are calling the “Grudge Workforce” — AKA people who didn’t take their superannuation seriously and now have to work into their seventies because it’s either that or starve.

Considering most of the family on my mothers side never even made it to 70, the idea of us having to work up until that age because we didn’t think about boring stuff like super horrifies me. I fully intend to spend my retirement on a beach drinking infinite champagne (Or playing Titan. Think it will be released by then?) and I can’t do that I’m dead, can I?

Check out the totally depressing infographic on the “Grudge Workforce” (and how to avoid it!) after the jump:

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