What If My Blog Was An Outfit

I read a post by The Nerdy Girlie earlier today were she put together a kick-ass outfit that best represented her site. It seems that it was originally meant to be a link up of sorts, which is great because it means I don’t have to feel bad about shamelessly stealing the idea for myself! Huzzah!

Check out the abomination I have created after the jump…

Find out more info about each piece below.

1. Starcrafts Zergling Tee – $24

2. Levi’s Women’s Mid Rise Skinny Jean – $39.99

3. Women’s Pink Pu Biker Jacket – $93.77

4. Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses – $92.95 (Unlike it’s owner, my blog apparently goes for the real deal instead of $5 knock-off’s from Kmart…)

5. Claire’s Geek Owl Studs – $6

6. Handbag of Holding – $49.99 (I totally own this bag in real life, therefore I can vouch that it is awesome for a gamer parent on the go)

7. Shoes by Pony Chops – ??

VERDICT: Well, apparently my blog is just a really awesome version of myself, who doesn’t balk at paying more than $20 for a piece of clothing and who apparently has the figure to pull of skinny leg jeans and a tight fitting gamer shirt. You foxy blog, you! Overall I think it’s a pretty good representation of all the things I like to talk about on the blog, with a lot of my personal style mixed in for good measure.

Special thanks to A Geek and her Oven and The Nerdie Girlie for the inspiration 🙂

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  • Biker jackets<3 And those shoes, omg. :3

    • Yeah, the shoes blew me away the second I saw them. I would love to have a pair IRL!

  • Syrco

    That T-shirt! :O So cute! And that bag, I want it so much!

    • The bag is definitely worth the $50. I’m currently using it as a work bag because it can fit so much of my junk in it without looking awful. Greatest Christmas present ever!