Well Fed #01 – Seven Days of Delicious Dinner Ideas

I mentioned in my goals for 2015 post that I wanted to start doing a weekly meal planner. It really helps to cut down on how much money and food that is wasted when I do the weekly shop, and it also cuts down on how much crap we eat when I just can’t find the energy to come up with something.

My husband also raids three times a week — he literally walks in the door from work and fires up the PC to make sure he’s logged in on time — so I need to be very organised when it comes to solo tanking the night time routine (I should add that this raiding arrangement is totally fine by me. In return for uninterrupted raid time, he gets up for the 5.30am feed. Yay, sleep ins for mama!). Having an idea of what to cook for dinner definitely helps with that!

Since I’m planning it regardless, I thought I would publish it here so you guys can have a look at it. My ideas may give you guys some inspiration and I am being kept honest on one of my resolutions. It’s a win for everyone!

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What kinds of meals you can expect to see

I am no dietician, and I am certainly no chef. However, there are a few ‘rules’ that I loosely try and base our meal choices on:

  • Low GI/Diabetic friendly
  • Kind on the budget
  • Easy to modify for my 5 year old if needed
  • Clean eating – whatever that means!

I know there will be times when I can’t be stuffed cooking a Stroganoff from scratch and the sauce will come from a jar. I know I don’t have the restraint to eat salads and stir fry all day every day and indulgences will absolutely pop up on the list.

Basically, I want to be as healthy as possible without destroying the food budget or boring our taste buds to tears. I’m aiming for balance here, not perfection, and as long as I meet one of the criteria on my list, I’m happy. And, perhaps as the year wears on and I get more into the habit of planning, preparing and cooking better foods, some of the naughtier choices will slowly disappear… maybe.

Anyhow, onto the first ever Well Fed planner thingo!

Well Fed #01

Monday: Chicken, Chickpea and Avodaco Salad — We’ll need light start to the week after what has no doubt been a weekend full of terrible food choices 😉

Fun fact: Rocket is known as Arugula in the US

Tuesday: Honey Soy Beef with Sweet Potato and Asian Greens — For my son I leave a piece of steak out of the marinade and serve up his mash before adding the chilli and ginger.

Wednesday: Tuna and Zucchini Pasta — I switch out the sun-dried tomatoes for cherry tomatoes and the onion can die in a fire. Top it with parmesan cheese for extra deliciousness.

Thursday:  Beef Stroganoff — I have a jar on standby if it’s been a jerk of a day…

Friday: Spicy Pad Thai — Mm, Sriracha. Might want to make alternative plans for the kids with this one!

Handy tip: 1/2 a pound converts to roughly 227 grams

Saturday: Homemade Pizza

Sunday: Roast Chicken and Vegetables

There you have it, my first meal planner for 2015. Nothing amazing, definitely a little naughty, but I am excited to both make and eat these meals. Keep an eye out on my social media to see if I stick with the plan!

Are you a meal planner kind of person? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below

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  • Kay

    Yum!! Definitely tucking some of these away to add to my own meal planning repertoire.