Q&A #01

Kimi Who is currently hosting a monthly link up party that focuses on getting to know the people behind the blogs. It’s like the Liebester Award, but without the chain email component! The questions may seem harmless enough, but number two is most definitely a trap…

What does an average day in your life look like?

There’s a very good reason why I blog about mostly video games; my life ‘IRL’ is spectacularly dull! My day consists of making sure these two cuties are fed, clothed and out of harms way. That means stupidly early wake ups, lots of ultimately pointless cleaning, and consuming enough coffee for 15 people so that my zombified self makes it to sunset.

A photo posted by Nicole Roberts (@nerisella) on

A photo posted by Nicole Roberts (@nerisella) on

 Are you a dog or cat person?

I am about to commit internet suicide here and admit that I am not a cat person. Like, at all. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate them; I have owned cats in the past and I have loved them, but I am in no hurry to add one to the family again any time, well, ever. They’re tiny little jerks, and I have dealt with enough jerks in my time that I don’t want them stalking me in my own home at night! Also, kitty litter trays are the worst.

Source: Cats Are Assholes
Source: Cats Are Assholes

We got a dog a few years back now, a Boxer Staffy cross called Millie that we rescued from the local animal shelter. At first I was iffy about getting a dog so large, but she is just so full of love. Three years later and I’m still not quite used to the licking yet, but I could not imagine our lives without her.


Do you eat seafood?

I have lived on the coast for a majority of my life, and I didn’t really care too much about seafood one way or the other. Then I moved to Alice Springs, where the closest ocean was a couple of thousand kilometres away. It was there that I developed an insatiable hunger for seafood.

Favourite would have to be anything with salmon in it, followed closely by Crayfish/Lobster with garlic butter and pretty much any kind of grilled fish with lemon pepper. Oh, and oysters roasted in the oven with cheese and hollandaise sauce. Drool!

On the flip side, I have never tried, nor do I intend on ever trying, caviare.

nope octopus

 There you have it, some random tidbits about yours truly. I look forward to your cat hater comments below 😉

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  • Haha cats aren’t for everyone! I didn’t like them for a Long, long time.

    • I suppose I was the opposite. Loved my mum’s cat, had one of my own for a while there, too. But when my mum’s cat met my son for the first time it went NUTS at him (and he was a tiny baby, so no toddler shenanigans were involved) I think it must have hit a mama bear switch and now I’m not keen on them at all 😛

  • Kay

    Nothing wrong with not liking cats! I am definitely a cat person, and even I sometimes wonder why the heck that is. Cats can really be huge jerks. XD

    • I hear that they’re supposedly nice, too, but from my experiences that only ever happens when they want something 😛

  • Seafood is my favourite! I’m hungry after reading this.

    • I could totally go some smoked salmon right now!

  • Your day might be dull, but those are some good looking bebes!

    • Aw, thank you! They definitely bring a smile to my face 🙂