10 Amigurumi Patterns Inspired By Video Games

If you’re following me on Pinterest you may have noticed that I suffer from a serious case of crochet Amigurumi awe. Unfortunately for me, I am useless when it comes to crochet so I thought I would share these 10 patterns inspired by video games for any crocheter out there who actually knows what on earth they’re doing!

Once made, these patterns would make a fantastic gift for the gamer in your life, or serve as a great way to gamify your own home or office space.

10 amigurumi_pinterest

World of Warcraft Tauren

World of Warcraft Tauren by tinyAlchemy
World of Warcraft Tauren by tinyAlchemy

This pattern for a male Tauren by tinyAlchemy is available for roughly $6AUD.

Minecraft Creeper

Minecraft Creeper pattern by Neridgurumi
Minecraft Creeper pattern by Nerdigurumi

This Minecraft Creeper pattern is available for free over at Nerdigurumi.

 Link from Legend of Zelda

Link + accesories by All Aboit Ami
Link + accesories by All About Ami

Nope, I still haven’t played a single title in the Legend of Zelda series, but I can still appreciate how cool this little guy looks! Links to the free  Zelda pattern plus his accessories by All About Ami can be found here.

Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Yuna pattern by BaburuStar
Yuna pattern by BaburuStar

Ah, Final Fantasy X, my gateway drug into fantast RPG’s. This Yuna pattern by BuburuStar is available on Etsy for roughly $7AUD

 Pikachu from Pokemon

Pikachu by Golden Jellybean
Pikachu by Golden Jellybean

This cutie Pikachu pattern by Golden Jellybean is available for free over on her website.

Lux from League of Legends

Lux from LoL by tinyAlchemy
Lux from LoL by tinyAlchemy

While MOBA’s still scare the shit out of me, 27 million other people play League of Legends daily! This Lux pattern by tinyAlchemy is available on Etsy for roughly $5AUD

Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails by Beverly Arnold
Tails by Beverly Arnold

This Tails pattern by Beverly Arnold is available as a free download from Ravelry.

Chell + Companion Cube from Portal 2

Chell + Companion Cube by Nerdurumi
Chell + Companion Cube by Nerdigurumi

This Chell + weighted Companion Cube pattern by Nerdigurumi is available for free over on her website.

 Mushroom Set from Mario Bros

Mushrooms by Wolfdreamer
Mushrooms by Wolfdreamer

The pattern for these cute little Mario Mushrooms was created by Wolfdreamer and is available for free over on her website.

Chocobo from Final Fantasy

Chocobo pattern by  Hooks 'n' Games
Chocobo pattern by Hooks ‘n’ Games

This gorgeous Chocobo pattern by Hooks ‘n’ Games is available for free over on her website.

Have you ever put together a craft project inspired by your favourite video game? Share it with us in the comments below!

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  • Nev

    I just taught myself (from Youtube!) some basic crochet recently, on my 3rd scarf now! Definitely hooked and trying some amigurumi is my eventual aim! I love the Pikachu and minecraft creeper – they look like they might be slightly easier to start with. I’ll let you know how it goes! lol

    • Nice! I used to practically live on crochetgeek.com hoping that I would find a pattern that I could finish, but I’m still doing something wrong when it comes to finishing rows, and even my friend who is great at it (And has had to show me a bajillion times how it’s done) can’t figure out where I’m going wrong. Clearly I’m just cursed.

      Please do let me know how you go 😀

  • Kay

    I adore amigurumis!! But I have no idea how to crochet haha. It’s definitely a life goal to learn, but I am in no rush. So maybe in ten years or so I’ll finally decide to learn, and then I’ll make the crap out of that little Link. And a Chocobo. Just so adorable!!

    • I think my biggest problem is that I’m just too impatient. I’ve tried several times to learn it, but I’m still getting something fundamentally wrong and it never works.

  • The Tauren!!! Oh my goodness <3 I wish I could crochet hahah.

    • Same here! Tried it, failed miserably. I’ll just have to be content looking at awesome works on Pinterest 😛

  • Syrco

    Oh, I love it! I need that tauren and Link and Tails and the mushrooms and a moonkin of course! :O But I don’t know even how to make a simple circle…

    • Chain four, slip stitch into the first link, chain up a few and then crochet as per usual. That is like, the only thing I remember off the top of my head 😛

  • That Yuna is so precious! Ah!