March Made Me Feel Things In My Cold, Dead Heart. Yay!

It’s reached that time of the year where goals generally fall by the wayside. Thankfully, I think I’ve done pretty good, and the most important ‘resolution’ I had was to get myself back to a healthy place emotionally so I could function like a normal human being again.

The good news is that I think I can check that off the list! The anxiety hasn’t entirely gone away — and it probably never will — but now that I’m a pro at noticing the symptoms I can get on top of it before it gets on top of me.

So, sticking with the mushy, sappy feels theme I’ve got going for this post, read on to learn more about all the exciting and awkward things that happened to me in March, and how those things made me feel.


march recap

March Had Me Feeling…

Proud because we actually managed to plan and run a successful Hearthstone Fireside Gathering! In the end we had 14 people come and join us for a few hours of Hearthstone games and give aways, which may not seem like much, but we live in a coastal town of less than 30,000 people. The fact that 14 people were brave enough to come out and meet strangers who also love the game is nothing short of a miracle!

summoning stone meet

Frustrated because I keep making what I think are small, positive changes to help improve my physical health, but the scales are not budging. In fact, just the other day someone asked me if I was pregnant again. Nope, I’m just fat, but thanks all the same.

Tardy because my usually well behaved children have been tag teaming it on who is going to be the biggest pain in the arse whenever I need to go somewhere or do something. First it was the screen time tantrums, now it’s my usually cruisy eight month old acting like a class A clinger.

Unorganised because I managed a whole seven posts here on the blog, even though I have had more than plenty to write about. If other mothers can run a successful business from home while also studying and running a blog, then why the hell am I incapable of it?

Conflicted because I tried a game outside of my comfort zone, and I’m not sure whether or not I hated it because I am completely new to the MOBA/Brawler genre, or I hated it because it’s a bad game.

Awesome because I was able to help a friend’s daughter with her school project from half way across the world! I can’t wait to talk more about ‘Flat M’ and her adventures, but I suppose I should let her finish the project first before I go blabbing about it all over the internet!

Embarrassed that I thought I could revive my live streaming dream, but alas, I am well past the Twitch streamer use-by date!

Hopeless because I still haven’t kept up with the meal planner and our financial goals seem further away than ever.

Older but definitely not wiser!

Happy birthday to meeeeee!

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How was March for you? Did you stick to your goals, or have you thrown in the towel? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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  • Kay

    I’m taking a hiatus on monthly goals for a bit. No particular reason; I’ve been quite productive, but lately I’ve been enjoying just DOING things with no pressure or accountability attached to it haha! I have made the dive back into using a planner (for both personal and blog life), and I’m loving the organized feeling again!

    • I’m with you there! I think my biggest reason for starting them in the first place was because I was at a place where I would just stare out a window all day and then get sad because I didn’t do anything. Now I’m doing plenty that keeps me busy!

      I really need to look into a planner. I’ve noticed that at the start of the month when I do these types of posts I hit the ground running and get so much blog related stuff done, but a few weeks in and I just can’t seem to find the time. I really am the most disorganised person ever 😛

      • Kay

        I blogged for over a year without a planner, and then when I finally decided to start using one I was like WHY DIDN’T I START SOONER! I’m at the point now if I don’t plan out my posts, they’ll never get done. I’m rather awful at winging it. Yet I know many bloggers who don’t do ANY kind of planning/planner and they blog all the time! So really it’s just what works best for you.

        As for life planning, for the last few months I feel like there were so many days where I was struck by the staring out the window doing nothing problem, so I’m hoping jotting down ideas for each day in my planner will assist with those days. Especially with my kiddo; I feel like we’ve been in such a rut for activities lately!

        • The biggest thing I’ve noticed with my previous attempts to use an editorial calendar to plan posts is that I just get too impatient and want to publish a post the millisecond it’s ready (and, more often than not, before it’s ready. Soooo many typos in most of my work! haha) If I was better at life planning and actually left the house for a good, solid writing session, then it probably wouldn’t be so bad, but I always feel guilty about leaving hubby with the kids, even though he’s more than capable of it and willingly offers to have them!

          Ugh, school holidays have just started over here so no doubt I’ll be right there with you. I want to take my son on so many cool adventures, but I need to a) think them up, and b) hope that they can be done with an 8 month old in tow! While doing the Flat M project I got some pretty good ideas though, so hopefully they will be enough to keep him sated!

  • Love the idea of a hearthstone met up!

    • It was seriously fantastic! I can’t fangirl enough over how cool it was to meet other locals who love the game (And then go have beers with a few of them afterwards, lol) has an absolute tonne listed for different countries, you should definitely see if there is one near you!

  • Sounds like a pretty good, if slightly bumpy, month. I’m with you on the ‘Frustrated’ comment, but have learned that feeling good matters more than the looks part (annoying as it to watch nothing change). Also…seven blog posts when you have a family and gaming and life in general going on sounds pretty darn good to me (I’m lucky if I can get one written completely while I spend most of my time vegging in front of the tv and playing Minion Rush).
    I also love seeing people geeking out on anything they love. I don’t have any friends that are into my obsessions, but luckily there is internet so I can keep in touch with my far away friends that do like the same things.