Crossroads: Dreams vs. Reality

A little while ago I read this fantastic post by Nerd Burger that talks about turning 30. In it, Cazz mentions that she is, ‘not what people want her to be’ but she really doesn’t care. It’s reassuring seeing someone who is my age be so confident in her decisions, especially when I myself only have a few months left in my 20’s and seem to constantly feel the pull over what I want to be doing with my life versus what I *should* be doing with it.

The Dream

When we moved to Alice Springs five years ago, my husband and I both threw ourselves into video games pretty heavily. We were in the middle of nowhere, we knew nobody, and games like World of Warcraft were a fantastic way of hanging out with all our mates back home. It was around that time when Twitch first became A Thing, and we both loved the idea of producing gaming content.

We both set up our own websites and channels, and we had fun experimenting with it all. My husband loved the streaming, whereas I loved writing. Either way, we dreamed of one day being able to move back home and just do what we loved without us all starving to death.

Goals were met, dates were set and we were well on our way to getting the hell out of Alice Springs and living the dream.

Not long after we hit the first financial goal, my husband was offered a new job with different hours. The pay was still great, and it was doing something that he loved almost as much as streaming. He did the Grown Up Thing and accepted it, which meant putting the stream dream on the back burner.

I did the… less Grown Up Thing and had a tantrum about no longer being able to move home. I then spent a good chunk of that nest egg on a kick ass two month holiday and a bunch of shiny new toys that we so didn’t need.

Dumb move, especially since his great new job lasted six months before the whole department was shut down and the staff relocated. The new area he found himself in was high pressure and very high stress, and so my husband lasted three months before deciding one day that he was DONE and he handed in his two weeks notice.

So, we were moving home after all! Just, you know, with pretty much no nest egg and not even jobs lined up when we made it home.

It has been… interesting to say the least. My husband found a decent job, but with less stress came (much) less cash. I had a few interviews before BAM! Pregnant. Job offers fell through. I partnered up with a friend on a business that was doomed to fail. We moved house. Our baby nearly died. I lost the plot for a while there with Anxiety. And things have just kept on going wrong ever since and we’ve fallen further and further behind.

The dream, however, is still burning brighter than ever.

The Reality

We have been back here for just over two years now, and my husband started streaming again earlier this year. I also took the plunge and enrolled myself in a Professional Writing and Editing course. Mike managed to find his niche — the Australian Heroes of the Storm eSports scene — and I have been able to apply what I’m learning in my course by writing for the community website he launched two months ago.

It’s great seeing him working on something he is so passionate about, and it’s even better still seeing it actually start attracting a modest degree of success, but the “You’re getting too old for this” voice of reason has been nagging at me for a while now.

You see, all the time that I am spending working on his website, or solo tanking the night time routine so he can record his podcast or stream at a time that actually works for his intended audience, or while I’m taking the kids out for the day so he can shoutcast a full day tournament, I am not working on my own content. I am not working on my schooling, and, worst of all, I am not out in the work force making money that could give our shoe string family budget a much needed cash injection.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to do these things so that he can pursue his dream, but the old lady in me is growing more and more concerned that perhaps, maybe, I’m making a mistake by putting all of his stuff before my own.

I need to finish college so I can start scoring some freelance writing gigs and help ease the financial strain we’re under, but the writing I am doing for the community website is being seen by so many more eyeballs than anything else I have ever written. Perhaps, if we do this right, I wouldn’t need freelance work because the site could become a business?

Which then gets me frustrated. If only I had the time to be able to just sit down and write good quality posts on the community website that would really help it reach its full potential. I have SO MANY IDEAS that I would love to see come to fruition, but I seem utterly incapable of being an adult who can juggle it all.

Then there is this blog. This poor, sweet blog, which is basically the only thing I have left of my own dreams. I put myself under so much pressure to do x, y and z that I just… stopped writing. I read this wonderful post by Meghan Sara that asks, ‘are you blogging for all the wrong reasons’. Well, shit. I actually have no idea what my niche is, what my vision is, or why I’m even doing it, and my motivation to write just completely shrivelled up and died.

Like I mentioned much earlier on in this mind dump, writing about video games was what I wanted to do. But this is not a blog about video games — hell, these days I don’t even feel comfortable calling myself a gamer — I play Hearthstone and the occasional MMO (No Fallout 4 posts here, sorry).

Instead, I made the shift to more of a lifestyle blog, but let’s be honest, what exactly is a lifestyle blog? Is it just a personality blog? Is it like a magazine that showcases stuff that will help you achieve the lifestyle you want? Is it just throwing posts at your screen and seeing what the hordes of fans (Ha!) want more of?

I am definitely lacking vision, but at least I do know that I want to write. It’s just that every once in a while someone will express doubt over what my husband and I are doing. In fact, I had one family member straight up tell me to just, “give up now, because none of your ventures ever amount to anything.” Talk about stomping all over my heart!

Adding to my own concern that we’re stupid for pursuing or dreams is that elephant in the room — that we’re turning 30 in a field full of vibrant young adults. Almost all of the successful blogs I read are written by people in their mid 20’s. Popular streamers are early 20’s. A vast majority of the people I speak with for the community website are still in university; as in, they are 10 years my junior.

I just need to look at all the sacrifices I have to make in order for Mike to be able to juggle his full time job with his stream dream to understand why that is. If we were in our early 20’s we wouldn’t have all these grown up issues weighing us down — we could sleep all day and game all night! You can’t do that with kids. Someone needs to work so that they can be fed, and someone needs to be around to make sure they don’t set themselves on fire or something.

I guess what I’m trying to say in this word dump is that while I am pretty happy with where we are at the moment, I’m worried that maybe we’re making the wrong choice and it’s all been for nothing. We’re rapidly approaching 30, shouldn’t we be climbing our way up the corporate ladder in the quest for a white picket fence or something, instead of nerding out over Blizzard games?

Basically, I think I’m having some kind of identity crisis and I wish I had the confidence that Cazz has. I just need to remember that as long as the kids are fed, clothed and smiling, then who the hell cares what we’re working towards? I need to spend less time worrying about what what society thinks I should be doing, and more time working on making them happen.

TL;DR I’m getting old and I needed to vent about writing stuff 🙂

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  • Whinkz

    As someone who is 35 I continue to struggle with this. I have a good job that pays well but it is far from “my passion”. I have self doubt that gaming is an acceptable hobbie and instead I should be doing SOMETHING, anything else. Not having children adds to this sense that I’m not doing anything worthwhile with my life. Midlife identity crisis…maybe. In the end I remember that I have a wonderful marriage, a roof over my head and food on the table. I feel pretty good about that.

    • It’s a shame that people still judge what is quickly becoming such a mainstream hobby. No-one bats an eye lid when you mention a TV show! Why are games any different? Sounds to me like you’re doing it right, and I bet there are plenty of people out there with “proper” hobbies that wish they had the stability you have 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

  • No, you need to do you! I am 32 and each day I question if I should go back to work or continue to follow this writing path that has been thrown in my lap. I think you need to let go of any guilt and just follow your dreams. That’s what I’m doing, and I think when I finally let go of all the pressures my family I felt free to make my own choices and be an adult.

    It is okay to feel unsure of yourself everyone does and even approaching your 30’s feels that way too. Although, there are a lot of younger people in the streaming community and gaming community there are still people in our age demographic that game. So I don’t give up hope. I just soldier on. Stay strong mama!

    • Thank you so much for the pep talk! Some days I just feel like I’m taking one step forward, two steps back. It’s definitely my worry and self doubt that’s holding me back though. I need to stop worrying about what other people think I should be doing, and stick to what I’m good at 🙂

      We’ve got each others’ back 🙂

  • pickletea

    Nourish your dreams and help them grow, there is an expectation to set aside “childish” things as we reach certain ages or milestones and I do not think it is unrealistic or immature to decide for ourselves or our families to hold on to and nurture dreams and hopes.

    Even if this current dream does not end where you want it to that does not mean it was a waste or that you should give up.

    It seems to me that you guys have an opportunity to mentor and support people who one day will be in your shoes, being told by friends and family that they have to abandon what they love to “grow up”. You are also modeling for your children that dreams don’t just happen, they take work and effort and zomg perseverance to be reality and that it is worth the effort, every time, if you are enjoying life and what you do.

    • Huh, it never dawned on me to look at it from that perspective. I love the idea of mentoring and teaching my kids that dreams take work. Thank you so much for the great comment 🙂

  • Sari Bate

    I have been feeling increasing pressure to go back to work now my youngest will be starting school (where did that time go!). There seems to be this belief that if you can work, you should work but I have never had a clear path I wanted to follow and ladder climbing has never been my thing. Instead I have chosen to go back to study, in a field that is completely removed from anything that I have done before because I have finally found something I am passionate about. In the end the only thing that matters is that you are doing something you love.

    • When on earth did that happen?! These kids need to slow down with the growing up already. I’m with you there. I loved my time at the newspaper because I got to do a lot of creative work, but the culture itself is just so not for me. I would much rather work from home or rent a co-space at City Hive than have to deal with all that office politics crap!

      What are you studying? If I had to hazard a guess, I would say it somehow ties in with netball? 😛

      • Sari Bate

        How’d you guess? lol I’m doing a Diploma of Sports Development, aiming to do a Bachelor of Sports Management in a few years

        • Exciting stuff! Did you ever imagine at 20 that you’d end up going down this path?

          • Sari Bate

            No way. At 20 I was pregnant with Matrim and studying Beauty Therapy. The thought of turning something netball related into a career only really dawned on my in the past 6 months.

  • I honestly believe you aren’t really ever too old to do anything. Part of me would love to do even further education, but at one stage I got the ‘you don’t need it, you’ll be older than everyone else there blah blah’ Heck, I am only 26, gimme a break! If it is your dream to do this, then go for it. Unfortunately a lot of it is timing too – I’d love to spend a heap of time doing something I’d love, but money or time get in the way of it.. but I’ve also felt the pressure of time catching up on what you want. Most of my friends have either gotten married or had kids (which ever order they wanna do things) and here I am, neither. I have my partner, but with him just finished uni and no job yet, and also being a few years younger, different country currently, our timing just isn’t there yet with that stuff and to be perfectly honest I don’t feel ready just yet for kidlets to come along – that’s my own life path :P.

    As for people telling you to just give up, why are our most critical and negative often close family or friends? I know half the time they believe it is being helpful, but seriously, no. I remember a rellie telling me I’d put on a little bit of weight and yet they’ve struggled all their life – I was crushed, like how can they say that to me when they’ve had that issue…. I’m assuming it was a ‘don’t let it get to where I’m at’ but man, crushing blow.

    I personally wish someday I could look into something in the gaming field.. or just something where I feel like I am making a difference. Often I undersell myself, so I am sure I am doing good somewhere in life, but I always feel like I am a bit mediocre and could be doing so much more – heck I don’t know what but there is this nagging feeling telling me I can do better each and every day = Part of me is hoping I’ll some how get swept into my perfect job, or just the right area where I can expand (maybe win lotto and I can go to uni without getting into debt xD) but I suppose one thing I realised is while I am not where I would hope I could be, especially social media and gaming wise, that I have made a lot of friends that ordinarily I wouldn’t have – and for an introverted introvert that is very introverted 😛 that is a big deal for me.. perhaps it is partly anonymity (well.. perhaps as far as twitter goes since on facebook I usually comment as my personal account)..
    This just makes me want to look into my blog again and work out what to do myself, especially with direction it’s going.. at the moment it is no where so it can only go up. One of my twitter mates actually started instagram and posted pictures of her food and recipes and suddenly she has a following just for that, she’s had quite a bit of success with followers soooo just finding our niche might just be the only step we need to achieve until we have success too 😀

    /end wall of text

    • Social media has been a godsend hey. I remember when I was working at the newspaper, I was asked by one of the editors why I hadn’t gone to study journalism. The reason was because the idea of getting all up in someone’s face to land the ‘scoop’ just terrified me. At least with social media I am still able to ‘meet’ great people like yourself without all the social anxiety that usually accompanies me meeting someone IRL.

      Working in gaming would be brilliant. I LOVE organising tournaments, and can only imagine how thrilling it would all be if you were an actual part of Blizzard’s eSports team! We live in probably the worst part of Australia for that though, and my old nagging voice tells me that I’m being silly. Maybe we can both be swept up in the perfect job that just so happens to be based in Perth?! 😛

      I really want to get back into my blog again as well. Less focus on doing what I think I *should* be doing as a blogger, and just more fun things! No more trying to please the two or three different niches I seem to be trying to appease. If you need a blogger buddy, hit me up 🙂

      PS. Don’t feel bad about not having the husband and kids. It’s refreshing to see someone who understands that it’s not the end of the world, and getting hitched for all the wrong reasons <3

      • Oh I totally agree, journalism did interest me a little but when it comes to study I am so scatterbrained as to WHAT I want to do. (Other options did include web/graphic design, vet nursing, uni degree in human resources or management) I possibly annoyed one training company because I wouldn’t just lay down 5k on a course they couldn’t give me any guarantees to (and said if I couldn’t afford it I should ask my parents… wtf? As if they should fork out for my education at my age…) but then there is also the ‘maybe I should be sensible and stick to the business route’ which so far I have done.. but if I was able to take the risk I would, just everything else as far as being sensible goes is holding me back.

        I’d love to start up a gaming website, have people who want to submit things, whether it artwork, stories, blogging whatever… maybe if I give it more thought and make a plan it could work, but then again it is a LOT of work for a venture that may fail but when it comes to online community kind of things it isn’t as daunting if it fails to me.. so that could be a good sign! I just feel I am not as diverse when it comes to gaming.. but hopefully if I play my cards right I’ll get myself a PS4 (I have an Xbox360 but my friends all have PS4s soooo) and can venture into more console stuff too and give that side a whirl. We are definitely on the wrong side of Aus when it comes to gaming related stuff, I think Sydney is the place to be, or possibly Melbourne… more companies around that area.. in saying that if I want to stay more online, it won’t really matter… would be great if Perth had something though… if there was a HR spot or even Social Media Management or something like that… PR (which didn’t require a uni degree over experience or my diplomas) then I may actually remove myself from my comfort zone!!

        I’ll definitely think about that group/community though.. and then think what I’ll do about my blog – I’d still keep it but I’d need to start posting haha. For now it’s a Mon doesn’t post regularly but this is her opinion while being extremely diplomatic so she doesn’t offend ANYONE.

        I shall husband my bf eventually but right now it’s a case of positioning ourselves financially and all that stuff, and getting rid of long distance and then actually being engaged and all that.. It’ll happen in time, I just have to remind myself that while generally my family married in early 20s and had kids then, the only one with the expectation of things going a certain way was me… just as long as I do it in the ‘right’ order my Nan says… Mum’s told her that some people don’t marry these days so if that became the case she’d have to get used to it xD

        • Ugh, how pushy are these training companies?! Thankfully the bloke I got when I signed up for my writing course was super understanding (I could have had a $1k discount if I paid up front, but I wasn’t comfortable with draining my savings, so I went with the $160 per fortnight payment option instead) and only asked once. The same can’t be said for my husband when he was looking into project management. Talk about pressure! And what a stupid comment to “get your parents to help!”. You’re 26, not 16. Way to alienate you.

          I totally feel you about playing it safe. I feel so out of my comfort zone writing about heroes of the storm because I’ve played, what, 3 games ever? I don’t think I’ve even left the AI matches! And here I am writing about esports.

          From what I’ve seen with the community sites, you have to branch out and enlist volunteer work because trying to do it all yourself (especially if you’re also working on other projects/jobs) is pretty much impossible. And, not that you would, but there are so many greedy fucks who exploit that.

          Disco just got into a rather heated debate with one particular organisation that I won’t name because he had the audacity to ask for some credit for the work they wanted him to do. They then accused him of not being a team player, and not putting the needs of the community first! Keeping in mind that this is the guy who runs a community site, does a community podcast and routinely runs the community tournament streams FOR NOTHING. And this particular organisation has premium memberships, so they WILL make money from what they want to do. And all he wanted was nightbot to mention his twitch channel every hour or so, and to have his twitter handle underneath his name during intermissions :/

          Ahem, I got distracted.

          At least with a website, the overheads are pretty low. You just need hosting and a $13 domain name. You can get away with a basic theme, as long as the content is good. Mike and I have multi site hosting, too. So even if one site fails to gain any traction, we can just install another one and take it from there. TL;DR you have nothing to lose by trying ^_^

          Every couple is different! My friends who waited until their 30’s for weddings and babies are definitely in a much better position than us crazy kids who did it in our early 20’s 😛

          • Haha, I know what you mean about writing about games that you haven’t had much experience in.. if anything I go OOOOO pretty and as far as I have gone in HoTS is pretty much AI or training by myself.. I must have a support group of at least 1 friend. I just don’t understand why I feel so much anxiety about going out there and just playing the game – I fear I’ll screw up and get yelled at and that would ruin it for me.. I am a bit sensitive about that… I need to just HTFU haha. I think I wouldn’t have as much of an issue if I was able to play without the tag ‘Monshki’ as I feel it is almost too personal. If I was like.. DonutSprinklez or something totally random or being able to change your name if needed (without it being used negatively … who am I kidding?) then I’d probably feel better. I think a lot of it is the internet stranger danger that I had drummed into me from a young age – I experienced being scammed from like age 10 or something on Neopets and now I look back and go man, you knew it would happen but you still went and tried to see if your password would turn to stars – now I am just a huge cynic on the internet and that if someone wants to try and take advantage or be a dick, they probably would.. >_> not the greatest way to feel but eh, been hardwired this way for QUITE some time now.

            That organisation sucks by the sound of it. It drives me nuts that people can’t understand that credit should be given to people, and it should be at the time of posting, not just down in the comments cause you get called out on it or whatever. If it is your work, then just a little notation and a link or something to that effect doesn’t harm anyone. Heck, make the link open _blank and tada, new window, not leaving the old site, that was very hard to code. (Argument could be made about that being a bad choice in HTML circles but eh.) We have to reference journals, books, websites etc when referencing/doing bibliography so why would this case be any different – it really isn’t. My guess is they probably believe because they got him to do the work, then they take ownership, but that’s just a shitty way of viewing it. They wouldn’t have the work if he hadn’t of done it.. and whether money was involved, or it was done for free it really shouldn’t matter as he would technically be the original owner. Companies can own the content, especially if done on their time and you’re paid for it, but my experience has been that those companies generally have it listed whose content it was. = That’s probably getting into the whole intellectual property/laws issues and I am not really up on that stuff when it comes to my studies xD

  • Between the “what I would love to do” and “what everyone else expects me to do”, there is one thing that we all tend to forget. Despite how cliché that sounds, we only have one life. No one else has to live it but you, so at least do everything you can to be as happy and fulfilled as possible. I once thought that my big dream and goal in life was to work in the marketing department of a big multinational company. Worse than that, my family expected this kind of work for me and now, as I am doing something (very) different and a bit low profile, they worry about me “because I could do better”. But what exactly is “better”, and from which point of view…? Maybe I don’t earn tons of money, but I like my job and I have time to pursue my freelance projects, blog and geek out in my free time, stay fit, spend some time with my loved ones… I think you should just ask yourself honestly, what would you be happy doing now, in 5 or in 10 years. What do YOU need to be or do in order to have no regrets at the end of your journey on this planet?

    And as for the age thing, all those twenty-somethings are only a few years behind you. Maybe some younger twitchers or bloggers are more successful right now with their stuff, but not only you didn’t put into yours as much time and effort as you would have liked, you also have what you call “grownup stuff” to do with your kids etc. You can never be too old for having a passion and wanting to share it with the world. Never! You can look at Marcus – a French video games star born in 1966. The guy is almost the same age as my parents and he absolutely kicks ass in the journalism industry with his unique insight, his rich experience and his incredible knowledge in his field. His work remains very appealing either to people close to retirement and younglings, and no one ever is focusing on his age or whatever.

    All that to say you’re not alone, maybe review the chores/kids/etc. organisation with your husband so that you could both grow professionally and personally and you’lll be fine 🙂
    Besides, some people say that the real identity crisis comes at 50, so don’t worry you still have plenty of time, girl! 😉

    Geeky hugs !

    • Ah, the old ‘money vs happiness’ debate. We certainly got a lot of negative comments about my husband’s decision to leave behind the well paying job to come back home, but he has been like an entirely different person (in a good way!) since coming back here. Good on you for being able to look at things realistically and being confident in your decisions.

      You’re absolutely right, I need to pull my head in and come up with a more long term plan. Age really shouldn’t be a limitation. If I want to make this work, then I need to put in the hard yards!

      Thanks for the epic comment 🙂

  • Leah Chiasson

    I recently turned 26. It threw me for a loop. Three years ago I dropped out of my bachelors degree to move across the country with my military husband. Now, we don’t have the military paychecks coming in and I have no viable degree to get me anywhere in the job force. I have dreams. I have a lot of dreams, but they feel all so far out of reach right now that I pull back and let depression take hold.
    I feel you. I really do. My mother-in-law suggested going back to school when my husband uses his military tuition, but I still don’t know what I’d go back for.
    I feel as though I should have a vision at this point. I feel as though I should be on the path leading me to my future, but instead I’m walking circles.
    I think that perhaps following dreams might be better than dredging the job force. Why do something you hate and let it bring you and your family down? I’ll keep writing if you keep writing.

    • I completely feel you there with the not knowing what exactly to do. My husband had been encouraging me to go back to school for years, but that was easier said than done. I had no idea what I wanted to do, and the thought of wallet dropping a tonne of cash on a course that I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do just horrified me! Which, like you, just made me feel down about everything.

      Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to decide. My best friend, who is also 29, contacted the local cat shelter when she was 27 to find out if they had a certain type of cat available. From there, she became a volunteer, who now sits on the board, and is about to graduate as a Vet Nurse. This is the girl who at 27 would not even cut up raw meat because it was ‘gross’! I never, ever in a billion years thought she wind up down this path (and neither did she, we joke about it all the time) but she has never been happier.

      You have yourself a deal. I will keep writing if you do 🙂 xx

      • Leah Chiasson

        Thanks for the real world example! Life can be a little overwhelming on your own.

  • Kay

    Oh my gosh, Neri, I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I’m 27. My daughter is starting school next year, which puts me in the awkward position of finding a job again. My dream would be to make art for a living…but much like you, I feel like all the successful artists I know are so much younger than I am and their work is miles better than my own. So do I continue chasing this (probably pipe) dream? We too have pretty much ZERO money saved, and can I justify potentially wasting time on art instead of actually helping to provide? Don’t even get me started on my blog, which I do keep up with but I feel like is an unorganized mess of random posts.

    I guess my point is, you are not alone in this feeling. And you know what, life IS short when it comes down to it. So even if you’re filled with self-doubt, or have so many people tell you that what you’re doing isn’t a good decision, or will never amount to anything, sometimes you just HAVE TO IGNORE THEM. If your family is fed and clothed, you’ve got a roof over your head, then I say go for it! I’m going to go for it, and though there’s a huge chance I’ll fail completely, it’s worth it to me to say I even gave it the effort. I would much rather look back on a failure than look back on regret. Even if right now you can’t focus on everything you’d like at once (I totally get being full of ideas you just don’t have time/money/etc to implement) stick with it in the smallest way you can, and know that you are working towards something. Your dreams ARE important, and I say go for them!

    • It has really surprised me to see that I am not the only one feeling like this. I guess it’s the curse of being creative. Why do creative industries not pay bills?! Sigh. Could you maybe start a storenvy store selling some of your amazing art while working part time or something? (Seriously, I would totally buy some of your super hero stuff!)

      I was just approached by a small start up to do web design for them — something that I had no intention of ever returning to — and am only doing so because it’s flexible hours and I figure part time cash to fuel what I really want to do isn’t such a bad idea. Best of both worlds? Or a fast track to burn out? We shall see.

      You are absolutely right about looking back on failure rather than “what if’s”. I don’t do well with that kind of thought train! (I do it a lot when I think about all the opportunities we wasted in Alice Springs and all it achieves is putting me in a bad mood! haha)

      Thanks for the pep talk. All the best with your decision 🙂

  • 30 isn’t that old and you will totally have time to adjust course if you need to. I definitely understand how you feel, though. I’m 36 and finally, after many careers and jobs and burn outs have decided to pursue writing full time. You’ve hit goals before, you can do it again. While you might not have your degree, you are writing, regularly, on a subject that interests you. Honestly, that is maybe even more important than a degree. After I finished my degree I stopped writing for years. It made me hate it. But writing every day, even if it’s about dumb stuff like cats or vegan cupcakes is really what gave me the experience and confidence to do this as a career. Hold strong, you aren’t “too old” and we all need to stop worrying that our blogs aren’t “focused” enough. I understand that there is one model of blogging that is currently seen as “the right way” of doing things if you want to make money, but that won’t work for everyone. No one could have predicted even 10 years ago that you could make a living from playing video games, or watching other people play video games. Don’t listen to the haters.

    • I have had a few moments where that pressure I’m putting on myself to get my course done is actually making me not want to write at all. Thank goodness I’m doing it flexi, because it took me nearly two months to actually finish my last assignment because of that burn out. If I wasn’t writing for Mike’s site, I probably would never have climbed out of that doubt pit.

      Thank you for sharing such great advice. I definitely need to put more work into just writing every day and not caring if it’s “on point”. Good luck with your writing! You’ve always been an inspiration of mine, so I have no doubt you’ll go far 🙂