Fitspiration Friday #01

I wrote a while back now that I was getting serious about losing weight. Well, the meal planner may have failed after about a week, but my efforts to improve my fitness have been slowly gaining traction. In fact, I went for a walk/jog four times this week, and did over 20 kilometres, which for me, is a really big deal!

Unfortunately, the weekend then comes along and I get gluttonous and lazy, effectively undoing any progress I’ve made during the week. So, I have goals now! Basically, I’m going to spend a bit of time looking at amazingly pretty things that SO would not look good on me as I am right now and let myself pick an item when I reach certain milestones.

Here is what I am drooling over this week:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

It’s a tough one, but if I were to magically reach my first milestone next week, I would be torn between grabbing the Adventure Item leggings from TeeFury because that pattern is amazing, or the Season’s Eatings Pencil Skirt from RedBubble because it just seems so perfect for Christmas lunch! Either way, I’m still a few weeks off my first milestone yet, but it was fun to do a bit of window shopping instead of eating chocolate 😛

Do you set goals when it comes to diet and exercise? Does it work for you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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  • I find it hard to set proper fitness goals for myself since I am SO hard on myself when I don’t meet them. I’m try to focus on not wanting to be a certain weight/size, but instead on the positive energy/focus benefits I get from moving regularly.

    • I have been pretty relaxed about when I should be achieving these goals, because I would be very much the same and get too disheartened/harsh on myself if I miss them. This time around it’s like, ‘yay haircut in 2kg’ or ‘new shoes when I can do a 5k in under 30 minutes.’

      This week in particular I’ve really had to focus on how good I feel, because the scales have been brutal and I don’t understand why. At least I’m motivated to write again 🙂

  • Kay

    I am so up and down with weight loss goals and exercising in general. I feel like I always slack on exercise this time of year simply because it is SUCH a busy time for my family, but as silly as it sounds…having fantastic workout clothes definitely motivates me to use them haha! Great picks!

  • Zeirah

    I don’t normally set goals but when i lost a lot of weight (25kg) a year or so ago I’d buy a new piece of clothing every 3kilo or so which was awesome motivation as each piece would be a size smaller.
    Last few months ive been really slack on running regularly and christmas and an overseas trip and not eatchi g what i eat at all means I need to drop a few kilos. My goal to get me back on track is if i run 20km each week for the next month I’ll buy the garmin running watch ive wanted for ages… now to keep motivated so i get to that goal 🙂

    • Wow, congratulations on such a phenomenal effort! I lost 15kg back in 2013, but put it all on again and then some after my daughter was born. As I say to my best friend who is in the same boat as me, there’s no point in dwelling on what we did. All we can do is look forward and make some positive changes.

      I love the idea of setting a goal like that! I’ve just started up doing the Couch to 5k for the third time, so I’ll need to come up with a wicked reward should I actually finish it. New runners, perhaps?

      All the best with your goal! I have no doubt you’ll smash it 🙂