The Perils of Running Dungeons When You Have Kids

The Perils of Running Dungeons When You Have Kids ||

I recently resubscribed to World of Warcraft, and have been happily pottering about doing, well, not a lot. I thought my mad skills at looking busy while actually achieving nothing were serving me well, but alas, it seems that it had not gone unnoticed by my illustrious Guild Master, Navimie.

The Perils of Running Dungeons When You Have Kids ||

Determined to not let me languish on Chapter ONE of the Legendary Ring quest for a moment longer, she organised a group of guild members to take me through the dungeons I needed. While this amazing gesture spared me the pain of pugging, my children were there to make sure the scales were balanced by putting on quite the show IRL.

Heroic Bloodmaul Slag Mines

I’ve never been to this dungeon before, so while I’m frantically running along trying not to get lost and/or pummelled by mobs whilst guildies chain pulled the place, my 16 month old daughter is next to me swinging her brother’s lightsaber around.

Apparently it was bloody hilarious to hit mum with it, and it might have been cute, but it certainly did nothing for what little game skills I have! I kept missing procs, using the wrong spells and generally just running around like a headless chicken ghostwolf. Thankfully I wasn’t ‘that’ tragic (I think?) and Navi organised a few more runs for that evening.

Heroic Grimrail Depot

Since time zones are a bit of a pain, the time that we had planned to continue the runs on happened to fall in the middle of the bed time routine, and so I organised with Disconcur for him to take over kid duties while I got in some play time without having plastic weaponry shoved in my face.

First, I was 10 minutes late because my computer decided it was going to take forever to reboot after a much needed restart. Once we got in there, things went okay, until about half way through when I hear my daughter wake up. Disco was in the middle of getting our son ready for bed, but he assured me that he was onto it.

I turned up my music a bit and tried my best to ignore it, but I very nearly forgot to loot the Core of Iron with everything going on around me. Good thing Navi is on the ball and reminded me! /facepalm

Heroic Everbloom

We queued straight into the next dungeon, and that’s when shit hit the fan. Suddenly, Katelyn was standing next to me absolutely inconsolable, so I sit her on my lap and try to calm her down without accidentally running into mobs. Next minute, I hear my six year old son racing down the hallway screaming, ‘Everyone hates me!’ with Disco hot on his heels. Two seconds later, he’s out here bawling his eyes out as well; when Disco has opened his door to find out just what exactly was going on, it’s hit him right in the middle of the forehead.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to interrupt this stupid Life Warden jerk and run out of Bramble patches while Katelyn is burrowing into my chest like some kind of demented koala. We wiped, but by the time we were ready to pull again, Disco had set poor Liam up with an ice pack and had enough time to grab Katelyn from me.

By the time the run finished, everything had mostly settled down, but my goodness was it distracting!

Let this be a lesson to you all — NEVER run dungeons unless it is well past your children’s bed time. You never know when they’re going to conspire against you…

What is the worst IRL experience you have had while running dungeons? Share your stories in the comments below

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  • Jon Camp

    I only have the 6-yr old at home anymore, and she “plays” (runs around, mostly in the cities and housing areas, but doesn’t have any idea how to do combat) and can recognize overland areas vs dungeons, for the most part. She’s pretty good about asking me if I’m in a dungeon *before* asking me for something, and if I say yes she’ll say ok and wander off, but if I say no then she’ll ask me for whatever it is she needs. Works out pretty well.

    With that said, it’s still quite rare that I’m playing anything and she’s not in bed. At least on weekdays, anyway.

    • Aw, how lovely! She sounds wonderful 🙂

      I usually wait until the kids are in bed as well, but in this case I broke my own rules. Never again! 😛

  • Aww, Neri. Even though you had all those interruptions, I’m glad to see you making some progress on your ring.

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s only taken the entire expansion for me to get off my backside and do something about it!

  • This is the reason right here why I don’t play online games. Hahah I have left a game running on my console 6 hours straight not playing it because I was so completely distracted by my little one, I was unable to return.

    that is a rule I live by! No games while the littles are awake unless of course they are playing too!

    • I thought I could get away with it because their Dad was in charge. They had other ideas. Back to waiting until 8!

  • Sounds about right. Mine are a lot older now (both young teenagers) but I’m pretty sure there was some special trigger that set off an alarm in their heads if I either (a) went to the toilet/for a bath, (b) was on the phone or (c) went into a dungeon .. or anything else that involved other people in WoW. And like you … I have a partner, but for some reason they’re drawn to me. So I’ll be trying to fend them off, trying to concentrate on something else at the same time, whilst he’s in the other room happily watching cricket, or whatever the current sport of the season is.

    NOW .. things are the other way round .. they seem to be *constantly* in the middle of a game of something or other .. frustrates me no end when we generally have meals/bedtime etc at the same time every day, but they still manage to be “in the middle of something” at that point in time. *sigh* 😛

    • My husband was just saying that to me this morning! He’s been on holidays and has been doing the morning routine. My daughter in particular is very content to just do her own thing, but the SECOND she sees me, she turns into a ratbag clinger!

      I say I can’t wait for the day that the tables are turned, but I already have a hell of a time getting Mr. 6 to get ready for things! 😛

  • The worst dungeon experience I had so far happened a few weeks ago. I was doing Mythic Grimrail Depot, which usually isn’t even that bad, but for some reason we kept wiping on, I believe, Nitrogg. People kept not using the canons, and eventually we ended the dungeon after 9 wipes.

    • I’m such a WoW pleb that I am still yet to even step into a mythic dungeon, but even I know that the cannons are super important! (Though, I had no clue the first time 😛 )