A Very Pricey Impulse Buy

You may have seen me mention a few times that I’m putting together a Blizzard fans Marquee Meetup at our local Australia Day foreshore celebrations. The event is in a week and a half and I am starting to STRESS OUT.

The easy parts are all done now: I’ve secured prizes and cash donations, I’ve locked in what events we’ll be doing and I’ve begun promoting it where I can. That leaves all the trickier parts like decorations and set-up.

But I am worried so much. What if no-one comes? What if I have missed something super important and it’s a disaster? Most importantly, though, what am I going to wear?!


So, while I was purchasing the last few things I needed from the Blizzard store, I spied this awesome Horde singlet made by Welovefine. A singlet is definitely something I want, when Australia Day is usually a toasty 40c/104f degrees, plus the usual “gamer girl tees” are not flattering at all on me.

Unfortunately they were sold out, so I thought I’ve have a look at Welovefine directly. I got lucky, and I found this beauty:

WOW Alliance Tonal Twist Tank


Before I knew it, I was transferring money into my PayPal account and hitting that ‘Submit Order’ button before logic and money smarts could regain control.

Here is the mathematics behind my insanely expensive impulse buy:

  • The shirt is $28 USD.
  • The event is on 26 January, so I needed express international posting. That cost me $28.44 USD.
  • Currently, the Australian Dollar is worth $0.66 US dollars.
  • That means a $28 USD dollar shirt ended up costing $85.36 AUD. Ouch!

If this shirt doesn’t arrive in time, or it looks like crap, I am going to be one seriously heartbroken lady.

What was your last impulse buy? Did you love it, or regret it? Let me know in the comments below.

PS. I know, I know. I went from a Horde top to an Alliance one, but that’s okay! I play for both sides 😉


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  • I can relate to that! Lately, mine are yoga pieces and the two Cymre Jones tops I recently purchased. I think that top will suit you 🙂

    • Those tops are seriously adorable! If I ever settle on a main, I think I might do something similar. I might just wait until the memory of this purchase has faded from Disconcur’s memory first 😛

      Thanks, I hope it does too!

  • Kay

    I do hope it arrives on time for you! It’s a great top for sure.

    • Thanks! I have everything crossed 😛

  • gamerwife

    I started 2016 by ordering $100 worth of leggings from Society 6. I told myself that the free shipping made it worth it, but as I have yet to receive them, I’m starting to freak out a little.

    • Eek, I would freak out as well! I know my Redbubble (Similar concept to S6) order took forever to get here too, so hopefully it’s just because there were delays printing it and not because they’re lost in the mail!

  • Eri

    awww – dats adorable