{January} Video Games We Can’t Get Enough Of

January marked the last month of the summer holidays here in Australia, and as a family, we spent a lot of time enjoying our favourite pastime in the climate controlled confines of our air conditioned house rather than being roasted in 44°c/111°f temperatures outside!

Read on to see what video game titles we’ve been loving this month:


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

This is my six year old’s top pick by far. He absolutely loves the costumes, the funny noises, and capturing objectives. As a parent, I’m very happy with this game too, because you can’t get a much more unrealistic shooter game than a bunch of cartoon zombies and plants running around!

Grow Home

This month has involved a lot of panicky stress, so Grow Home on the PS4 quickly became my go-to game. I really enjoyed being able to kick back on the recliner and work through this vertical climbing puzzle game. It’s so chilled, the controllers on PS4 are simple, yet tricky at times, and the camera doesn’t give me motion sickness. Win/win!

Rocket League

Rocket League has been our ‘date night’ game. We fire it up for just a few games, and the next thing we know it’s 11.30pm and I’m cracking the shits over my tragic inability to score goals. Seriously, it’s a long running joke in our household about how the six year old is better than me. Thankfully, I do not have dreams of becoming a pro Rocket League player, so it’s not the end of the world that I still haven’t figured out how to dribble… or aim… or how to not accidentally hit the jump button instead of the brake…


I’m still plodding along in Hearthstone, albeit I have not spent anywhere near the required time playing to reach legendary. I faffed about at the start of the season and managed to plummet all the way back to 20. Thankfully, my trusty Aggro Shaman has allowed me to reclaim *some* dignity, and I’ve finished the season at rank 15. Nothing amazing, but not rank 20 either!

I actually got to take a few of my decks into a local tournament last week. I didn’t win anything, but I did come forth! I’m pretty pleased with my efforts, especially considering I have rarely played my Priest of Rogue decks. It’s nice to know that I have a decent enough collection now that all three of my tournament decks are viable.

World of Warcraft

My WoW time has cut back significantly this month, however the time I have spent in game has been incredibly enjoyable. I even swallowed my fears about being bad and went on a lazy raid with the gang from Pants on Head!

They were such a wonderful bunch of people who made me instantly feel comfortable. I haven’t been able to make a raid with them since, but once the second Heroes of the Storm ANZ Open Qualifier is out of the way, I fully intend to make my attendance with them a regular thing. I missed playing with humans!

What games are people in your household loving at the moment?

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  • Kay

    We have been absolutely addicted to Lego Harry Potter. We just finished Years 1-4 and will be moving on to 5-7 soon. I definitely want to introduce my kiddo to Plants vs Zombies as well because I love that game! And on mobile, we are still loving Disco Zoo. My kiddo has been playing it for about a year now, and still loves it!

    • Those lego games are brilliant! My son went through a phase for a while there where he would play nothing but the Batman one. I’ll have to take a look at Disco Zoo–it could be a godsend with all of the appointments I have coming up! Thanks for commenting 😀

  • Lego games. Lego all the time. My son asks for Lego non stop. But I’m sure when we get Grass Effect Garden Warfare 2 the he’ll be begging for that game too!

    • I just saw the Lego Avengers in the PS4 store yesterday. Fingers crossed my son never sees it 😛

      • Oh hahaha he will of course!

        • Sigh, you’re so right. It’s currently $94 AUD in the store though :'( He can wait until his birthday!

  • I’m just getting back into the swing of Warcraft at the moment. Wanting a fresh start and all that before the new expansion. Lego is the big thing in this house, the girls love it and they have so many sets and are always playing with it. I’ve tried Rocket League and I am absolutely terrible at it, but I loved zooming around the map which must of annoyed my team mates x

    • Fresh starts are the best. I was levelling up a new Druid for a while there for that very reason. I really enjoyed the nostalgia of running older dungeons. LOL I think your team mates would be more upset with you if you constantly ruined their shots on goal like I’m good at *cries*

  • gamerwife

    I’ve been very interested in checking out grow home. Lately Rick’s gotten back into Mass Effect and I’m trying to give DA: Inquisition a try but I keep restarting because I don’t like the look/sound of my avatar.

    • I tried DA: I and I got stuck on some giant. I couldn’t figure out how to control who it switched to when someone in your party died and my rage was strong. The next day my husband went and traded it in so he could get the new Metal Gear Solid game >.<

      • gamerwife

        I actually had a similar sort of problem (probably the same fight, apparently it’s really tricky) but managed to figure it out after the second go. But, the fact that I already passed it with one character makes me really hesitant to start over AGAIN.

        • Oh YAY it means it wasn’t just me! I haven’t become frustrated at a game like I did that particular fight in a looooooooong time. I can see why you’re hesitant!