{IRL} Bouncing Back

After my mini-emo rant post a while back, I decided to take some time to myself. I went on a holiday. I was in no rush to do anything that wasn’t necessary. There was no writing unless I was getting paid for it. And, most importantly, absolutely no worrying about the future.

It was exactly what I needed.


Weekend Escape

A few days after I wrote the original post, I went on a quick two day trip down to the city without the family to hang out with my little brother. I was going to cancel it when I first heard the news, but in the end I am so glad that I didn’t.

We played a bunch of Diablo 3, drank beer during the day, spent a few hours at the casino and ate like kings. My brother felt bad that we didn’t do anything too epic, but to me it was perfect. It was honestly just so AMAZING being able to do adult things whenever I wanted without having to find a babysitter or plan my life around nap times.

It was also good to get some fresh perspective on everything that is going on from someone who is a little removed from it all.

Nothing says 'holiday' like beers at 2pm!
Nothing says ‘holiday’ like hitting the pub at 2pm!
Checking out how the other half live. FeelsBadMan
Checking out how the other half live. FeelsBadMan

The 100 Mega Marathon

I got home from my trip to Perth in the late evening on Valentine’s Day. Since it was too late to do anything overly romantic, my husband and I just snuggled on the couch watching Netflix. After a few truly terrible shows, we stumbled across The 100 and were both instantly hooked.

For the next week we did nothing but watch back-to-back episodes. Sure, I may be ridiculously tired and the dog is probably desperate for a walk (as is my waistline) but I have gone from having never seen a single episode to being up to date with the Season 3.

I regret nothing!

Why won't you walk meeee?
Why won’t you walk meeeeee?

ANZ Heroes Hiatus

Even though he has been sick (And I’m sure that binge sessions of The 100 until 2am didn’t help), I can’t help but feel that my expectations of Disconcur are still too high. He was meant to use the time off between jobs to put together an iron-clad business plan and have all the wheels in motion. Instead, we have a half baked business plan and a Kickstarter that is nowhere near reaching its goal.

Salt levels are intensifying. I’m getting snappy. But at the end of the day, I can’t push him to do this. It’s his project, he can run it however it wants. What I can do, though, is decide whether or not his project is worth my time. So, I’ve decided that while there is no business plan, or at very least a schedule, I am no longer willing to help out with it.

It may seem petty, but after my business failed back in 2014 because we had no plan and it all fell apart when I was no longer available to do the lion’s share of the work, I always vowed that I would never become involved in another venture that had no plan or processes set up. It’s not worth the blood, sweat and tears. That, and I need my writing time free for jobs that actually pay so that we don’t starve.

On the plus side, it means I have had a lot more time to spend with these two cuties!

Tasty treats with the big kid
K looks like how I feel
K looks like how I feel

Return to World of Warcraft

Some time during my sleep deprived delirium, I got the urge to log on to my old Rogue. She was in the Dread Wastes, still wearing all of of her raiding gear from Dragon Soul–what a scrub!

Usually I’ll do the Warlords of Draenor intro quests and then get bored, but not this time. I remembered what it was that I loved about playing a Rogue all those years ago. Stealth! Vanish! Sap! Pick pocket! Oh, and speaking of Pick Pocketing, how good are the changes to it?

I spent most of Sunday catching up with TV shows that were neglected for The 100 while levelling. It was fantastic to just veg out and play some video games. It was even better still to actually enjoy it, instead of it feeling like a chore.

I'm back, baby!
I’m back, baby!


I think the thing that has had the most effect on my mood is all the wonderful people I am surrounded by. I want to thank everyone both here on the blog and in the real world who have sent me messages of support. It has been really grounding to hear that perhaps I’m not overreacting, and, more so, that I’m not just a bitter old lady and that I probably have legitimate reasons to be losing my mind.

After writing that post, my first article was published. It was nothing special at all, and I later received feedback that they didn’t really want pieces like that, but still, it was a big victory for me. A friend of mine surprised me during the school run with a gift: a Deadpool POP Vinyl with a note congratulating me on getting published and an offer to look after the kids whenever I needed some quiet time to write! I was honestly speechless and a little overwhelmed by such a kind gesture.

deadpool pop

At the end of the day, no matter how terrible things may get, I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by the best family and friends anyone could wish for.

Thank you all for being fantastic <3

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  • gamerwife

    I’m so happy to hear that things are looking up for you again. Sometimes all you need is a little distance to put things in perspective again. Sounds like you had a great break.

    • Thanks. It’s nice to not be a gigantic ball of stress for the moment.

  • I am too jealous of that beard.

    • That thing is his pride and joy. He even has special oil for it >.<

  • Kay

    Your weekend getaway does sound perfect! Having time away to BE an adult is so necessary. I’m so glad that things are looking up, and that you have supportive people!

  • I have that deadpool and my little guy broke the swords off of him! Ahhh

  • Ashley

    Welcome back Neri! Sometimes we all need that little break to get back to enjoying the things we do and love every day. I know I’ve felt like that a lot lately. Sometimes a couple of days doing different things gives us a refreshed outlook. Glad to have you back girl 🙂

    • Thanks, lady! The break was amazing. I hope you find an opportunity to do the same <3