Six Overwatch Shirts You Need in Your Life

Overwatch shirt designs featuring Zarya, Baby Winston, D.Va, Bastion, Pharoah + Mercy
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Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links (and a cheesy twitter hashtag)

It’s official, #TheWaitIsOverwatch and the newest title from Blizzard is now live! Why not add a few of these mighty fine shirts from Redbubble to your wardrobe to celebrate? They will come in handy for those times when you’re forced away from your PC or console!

  1. Zarya
  2. Baby Win
  3. Nerf This
  4. Bastinaso
  5. For Great Justice
  6. Chibi Mercy

Will you be playing Overwatch?

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  • gamerwife

    I’m not playing it, but Rick is currently obsessed, which sucks because it means I can’t do anything that involves streaming while he plays. Which will be ALL. THE. TIME. Oh well, I guess I wanted to catch up on my reading. Also, thanks for the Zarya print. That’s his main.

    • Oh no! Might need to start up a roster. Or hijack his account and install some parental controls 😛

      • gamerwife

        If only I had the skills… 🙁 But the main problem is the bandwidth issue…

  • Jon Camp

    I won’t be playing. Shooters have never “done it” for me.

    • Same here. I think I tried the training mission during the open beta weekend before wandering off back to hearthstone. I really do love the characters though!