Mini-Post: Reppin’ Blizzard’s Forgotten Child

A few days before my husband inexplicably quit his job, I had placed an order with the Blizzard Gear store. My ‘mission’ was to get my son the Starcraft Void Probe plush he wanted for his birthday, but I couldn’t resist adding a few extras to the shopping cart. Our little bundle of goodness arrived today, and included in it was this Heroes of the Storm Hacci Top by We Love Fine:

I am clearly no fashion blogger... or model... or photographer...
I am clearly not a fashion blogger… or model… or photographer…

It wasn’t quite what I had expected — mostly because I didn’t bother to read the description — but I am happy with it none-the-less. Looking at it in photos, you would think it would be a fleecy jumper type deal, but it’s not. The front panel featuring the artwork is actually chiffon, so it’s a bit nicer than your usual bum around the house attire.

My only regret is that I didn’t get it in a size bigger, as it’s sitting quite high up on me — something that is not ideal when you have a beer gut ‘mum tum’. Thankfully I was tricked into joining the local gym that a few of the crew from work attend, so hopefully that won’t be a problem in future!

It’s okay, Heroes of the Storm. Everyone else may be off playing (and wearing) Overwatch, but there is at least still one person out there who hasn’t completely forgotten about you <3

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  • Hey HotS just got some fun new updates, I wouldn’t say it’s forgotten! I’ll play HotS with youuuuu hehe <3

    • Haha, are you sure about that? I make the people I play with facepalm pretty hard! 😛

      Battletag is Neri#6237 🙂

  • gamerwife

    I’ve never played HotS, but that shirt is lovely. It definitely looks more “dressy” than I would have assumed, but I’m always a sucker for baseball style t’s with nice details.

  • Kay

    Love baseball style shirts, and this one has great art! I don’t play HotS, but I basically any Blizzard stuff has great art! 😀