The fine art of finding boys clothes

The fine art of finding boys clothes

Finding t-shirts for my son to wear is a fairly simple affair; he loves superheroes and Minecraft – things that are very mainstream these days – and subsequently has acquired quite the collection. In fact, he could probably change t-shirts every hour and still have a pile to choose from by the end of the day.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for any other items of clothing that he may need to wear. Between me juggling this whole ‘working parent’ thing and my husband still learning the ropes of being a stay-at-home, getting kids dressed in the morning is like some really lame version of Where’s Waldo, where instead of scanning colourful art you’re digging through mount washing.

Have you ever noticed that it always seems to be the same culprits who go missing? Below are the three items of clothing we’re most likely to lose:

Dress shirts

It’s not often that we need to get the kids dressed up in nice clothing, but when we do got sprung with the occasional family dinner, you can be sure that nice shirts are nowhere to be found. Come to think of it, if it wasn’t for Aunty Casadella always hooking him up with trendy boys clothes every Christmas, the total amount of dress shirts Liam owns would be approximately zero.

There is no real reason for this fancy shirt snobbery other than I just never really think to buy them for him. Generally he’s with me when I’m buying him clothes, and if he’s presented with a choice between a stylish button up top and a Batman tee, you had better believe that Batman is going to win every time. Plus they don’t need to be ironed!

Boys Clothing - Dress Shirt
Like button up tops, haircuts are also quite rare.


Unlike their summer cousins, shorts (which he seems to have billions of), pants seem to have perfected the art of vanishing. I mean, I buy him pants all the time, obviously, it’s just that they are constantly disappearing. I don’t know whether or not he’s throwing them into obscure places when it comes time to get changed (Under the bed was a prime location for a while there) or he’s somehow conjuring them away into the nether, but the pants are as rare as hen’s teeth.

And the pants he does have? You can bet bottom dollar that they are rocking out rips on their knees. Ugh!


Like most other parents, I feel like I am forever hunting through piles of clothing to find socks for my kids. However! I discovered not too long ago that it wasn’t a simple case of being a pretty tragic housewife who sucks at getting to the bottom of the clothes hamper. Nope, turns out my sock-starved husband was somehow squeezing his feet into our seven year old’s socks whenever he was running late for work and hadn’t easily found any of his own to wear! As you can probably imagine, socks don’t last very long at all when they have been stretched beyond recognition!

On a plus side, at least the boys were prepared for Odd Socks Day

How about you? Do you find yourself on morning hunts for certain pieces of clothing?

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  • Zeirah

    Socks!! It has got so bad that I refuse to buy more than one style of sock so there should always be a matching pair of socks and now both junior gamers have the same size foot (with 2 yrs difference in ages!) It should be even easier.. does it work.. somehow no!
    I cringe at the cries of “I can’t find socks”. usually when it’s time to walk out the door

    • Ooh, I like that idea! Have you also noticed that those cries of ‘Can’t find socks!’ are 100% guaranteed to happen on the days you’re running late? Does my head in!

  • Definitely socks. I went through a period of only buying grey socks for the boys ( they had to wear dark colours for school anyway) and buying in bulk of the same type, but now one has shot up in size and the other is still little, so two sets of socks – so I’m trying to buy ones with a bit of colour on for the eldest (who’s just started college so not such a restriction on colour). Having thought about it though – I bought 15 pairs of socks about 4 weeks ago .. and I’ve never actually seen them since. Perhaps I should go on a hunt.

    It doesn’t help that regularly they’ll come home from school/college and for some completely bizarre reason take ONE sock off. And leave it where-ever they happened to be. ish. I’ve had them under the dinner table, behind the chair or sofa, under them, on the landing (obviously a self-propelled attempt to reach the laundry basket because the kids would never think of actually putting them IN the basket.

    Trousers is another thing – youngest isn’t so bad (hand-me-downs FTW), but the eldest just keeps growing and has developed an allergy to anything that isn’t jog pants or shorts.

    Finally – my youngest now has to wear a blazer to school. They’re expensive, so we have just one at the moment. That gets lost fairly regularly as he’ll come home and just fling it somewhere. The other morning getting ready for school – about to go out and he couldn’t find it. After a lot of searching my husband finally found it still inside the coat he’d taken off the night before …

    Speaking of which – underwear has a nasty habit of coming off along with their trousers – meaning when it comes to washing them, I have to peel them out, one leg at a time. Lovely.