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Neri is a wife, mother of two, avid gamer and wanna-be writer. When she's not cooking, cleaning and getting slobbered on, she can be found playing video games and drinking wine.

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Back from the Brink of Blog Death

Back from the brink of blog death

It’s officially been one year since my husband inexplicably quit his job and I found myself using the skills I’ve picked up blogging over the years to put food on the table. I went from blogger, to freelance writer, to casual all-rounder to where I am right now – a full-time permanent Digital Communications Officer who relies heavily on her background in Web design and a love of social media to get shit done.

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Minipost: BlizzCon Badge

Progress shorts of BlizzCon badge by Sara Katch

I still can’t quite believe it, but I will be off to America in seven more sleeps to attend my first ever BlizzCon! I’ve been mostly managing to keep my cool (except for a few moments of weakness on Twitter) but once the amazing badge art I commissioned from the immensely talented SaraKatch landed in my messages folder, I was done. Any chance of being productive this week is pretty much ruined. Sorry, work.

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The fine art of finding boys clothes

The fine art of finding boys clothes

Finding t-shirts for my son to wear is a fairly simple affair; he loves superheroes and Minecraft – things that are very mainstream these days – and subsequently has acquired quite the collection. In fact, he could probably change t-shirts every hour and still have a pile to choose from by the end of the day.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for any other items of clothing that he may need to wear. Between me juggling this whole ‘working parent’ thing and my husband still learning the ropes of being a stay-at-home, getting kids dressed in the morning is like some really lame version of Where’s Waldo, where instead of scanning colourful art you’re digging through mount washing.

Have you ever noticed that it always seems to be the same culprits who go missing? Below are the three items of clothing we’re most likely to lose:

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