Minipost: BlizzCon Badge

Progress shorts of BlizzCon badge by Sara Katch

I still can’t quite believe it, but I will be off to America in seven more sleeps to attend my first ever BlizzCon! I’ve been mostly managing to keep my cool (except for a few moments of weakness on Twitter) but once the amazing badge art I commissioned from the immensely talented SaraKatch landed in my messages folder, I was done. Any chance of being productive this week is pretty much ruined. Sorry, work.

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The Importance of Casual Raids

A good friend of mine wrote about a negative experience she had with a guild member during an alt raid a few weeks back, and it really got me thinking about just how important casual raids are to the MMO genre.

Casual raids can provide guilds a great opportunity to introduce new blood into the group without throwing off the synergy of the progression group if they’re a bad egg. They can serve as the perfect training for players completely new to raiding, while also providing veteran players an opportunity to gain both experience and gear on an alternative character.

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Games We Played in March

I’m alive! March was absolutely off the hook. My 30th was on March 1 but I very nearly didn’t make it, after we had a car accident on a deserted highway at 4am. It’s a miracle that the car didn’t flip and no-one was hurt. However, the car is a write-off and we’re down to one vehicle while we wait for insurance to come in.

Now, usually only having one car wouldn’t be too much of an issue, except something even more insane happened. I got a job, you guys. Like a real, adult job working in the Communications Department at the local council. It’s been a wonderful experience so far, but it has been a massive adjustment for our whole family.

However, this post is not about boring RL stuff, this post is about video games! More specifically, the ones that we were loving in our house during March:

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