Back from the Brink of Blog Death

Back from the brink of blog death

It’s officially been one year since my husband inexplicably quit his job and I found myself using the skills I’ve picked up blogging over the years to put food on the table. I went from blogger, to freelance writer, to casual all-rounder to where I am right now – a full-time permanent Digital Communications Officer who relies heavily on her background in Web design and a love of social media to get shit done.

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Back To Uncertaintly

Three months ago I wrote about how my husband impulsively decided to quit his job. Thankfully, everything worked out really well in the end, and I landed a casual job that pays me good money to do what I love — writing and creating graphics — while also allowing me to finish in time to pick up my son from school. But, perhaps it worked out a little too well, because Disconcur has gone and done it again; he finishes up at his current job on Monday and will instead focus on building a career out of streaming and content creation. Eek!

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