{IRL} Negative Neri

negative neri

Twenty year old Neri was a glass-half-full kind of person. No matter the problem, I could convince myself that it wasn’t the end of the universe, that things could be so much worse, and that there is always a silver lining to even the hardest of issues. But, now that I am rapidly approaching 30, I have noticed that I have lost that spark and I’m just plain old negative about everything.

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{Event Planning} Recovering After A Poor Turn Out

Organising a local gaming event is no small feat, and low attendance can feel like a real slap in the face.

My husband and I run a local Blizzard fan group, and on 26 January, we ran our first proper public event. Usually our events are done in a private room in the local library or online, but this time we were a part of a much larger festival that was held in an open space.

We put together a fantastic schedule, we sought out sponsors who provided some epic prizes, and we tried our best to promote the event, but it wasn’t enough.

Out of a group of 85, only 10 of us attended.

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Neri vs. The Fish For Over 50’s Article


As I mentioned in my resolutions post a few weeks ago, my number one goal is to really get stuck into my writing course. I have until the end of this year to complete it, and six months into it I have only managed to hand in a pathetic five assignments! However, I have finally bumped it up the ol’ priority totem pole, and in the process I’m discovering a new issue that I’ve never quite experienced before.

It’s like Writer’s Block, but…not?

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