10 Amigurumi Patterns Inspired By Video Games

If you’re following me on Pinterest you may have noticed that I suffer from a serious case of crochet Amigurumi awe. Unfortunately for me, I am useless when it comes to crochet so I thought I would share these 10 patterns inspired by video games for any crocheter out there who actually knows what on earth they’re doing!

Once made, these patterns would make a fantastic gift for the gamer in your life, or serve as a great way to gamify your own home or office space.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Gamer Mama

It’s Mother’s Day next Sunday and I’ve been thinking about what goodies I might score from my boys. Last year I got my first ever hand-made present from Liam, which made me squeal with happiness. I also got a bunch of random stuff from my husband, and it was nice and all, but he just ran down to K-mart at the last minute and grabbed a few things from a promo stand. Don’t be that guy. Give your gamer mama something that reflects her personality!

Stuck for ideas? Read on for some great gift ideas for your Gamer mama…

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