My First Warhammer 40,000 Army


My husband has been nagging at me to try the tabletop miniature wargame, Warhammer 40,000, for about as long as I have known him. I did not see the appeal of setting up small armies of 28mm models on a table, rolling a handful of die and then whipping out the measuring tape to see if they have hit the oppositions models. I mean, really? Yawn. The only aspect which even slightly appealed to me was the construction and painting of the models. Still, that interest in painting can be better applied to other, less expensive hobbies, and I managed to stubbornly resist his attempts for six years.

Until now.


In the end it was a team effort to break down that oh so amazing defence I had. A friend of my husbands sold him a few armies for dirt cheap: there goes the cost defence. Another suggested I could do something similar to Warhammer Joey and document my learning experience: oooh, website content! In the end it was my husband saying that he had only been asking me to play for all these years so we could do something together that didn’t involve a computer. D’aww! How could I resist that?

After a few beers and a really, really abridged break down of each faction and what armies husband dearest had spare, I decided throw in my lot with the Dark Eldar; quite possibly the most messed up race anyone could pick, let alone a girl.

From the Warhammer 40,000 Dark Eldar Codex:

This is the tale of evil incarnate. The Dark Eldar epitomise everything that is wanton and cruel about the ancient race from which they descend. Fiercely intellegent and devious to a fault, these piratical raiders revel in pain, for feeding upon the suffering of others is the only way they can stave off the slow death of their own souls.

So far I’ve only managed to read about ten pages into their codex and lore wise, I am happy with my decision. They remind me of the Wraith from Stargate: Atlantis, albiet a lot more twisted.


We had our first painting night on Friday, and it was surprisingly a lot of fun. We invited a few friends over who are also big into war gaming, making sure that it was late enough that all our kids were in bed, that there was a snack platter on the table and that here was room in the fridge for beer. Conversation was lively, although some most of the Warhammer talk was way over this novice’s head. However, one guest did share with me the Dark Eldar Tactica – 6th Edition thread on Warseer which looks to be a more informative resource than this damned Codex.

So, what paint scheme am I rolling with, I hear you wonder? Well, uh, yeah. Originally I was hoping for black with a deep purple trim and maroon outline. What I ended up with, though, is another matter…

I somehow crossed Deadpool with a Lobster...
I somehow crossed Deadpool with a Lobster…

Now, I should stress that he is NOT FINISHED. Granted, I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I started him, but I’m pretty sure that this was not the intended outcome. I might lay off the bourbon next painting night, lest my fearsome army of sadistic killers end up looking like something out of Ben 10.

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