February Was A Really Good Month

Baby Katelyn had a Paediatrician appointment last week, and we finally got the good news that we were hoping to hear. The MRI she had back in October has come back with an all clear! There was no visible blood vessel abnormality, so the Neurologist is happy to say that the chances of another bleed occurring are negligible.

I honestly cannot express how much happiness and relief I felt hearing those words. In fact, I’m getting a little teary now just thinking about it! While we still won’t know exactly what damage the first bleed has caused until she is older, the Paediatrician was happy to see that Katelyn is meeting all her milestones so far.

Anyhow, super spectacular, amazing, wonderful, cannot be beaten news aside, let’s check up on how I went with my gaming and life goals in February, shall we?

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5 Things I Want To Do Differently In My Second Pregnancy

I just got back from my 24 week ante-natal appointment and I was honestly surprised to see that I’ve not gained 10 kilos, haven’t developed Gestational Diabetes and my blood pressure is, if anything, a little on the low side. Thank goodness my placenta is so awesome, because I am doing a terrible job of doing things differently in my second pregnancy. Which is a shame, because I started out with the best of intentions.

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