Four Ways Having A Child Has Changed The Way I Game

When I was pregnant with Liam, I was blissfully unaware of just how much of my time would no longer be my own. Not this time, though! I may have forgotten a lot about pregnancy, but when it comes to those first few months, I am acutely aware of how much they can suck. In fact, the presence of a small human being who relies on me to ensure he doesn’t get eaten by wolves or whatever has drastically changed the way I play.

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Six Factors That Can Cause MMO Burn Out

Six factors that can cause MMO burn out

Burn out can happen for a variety of reasons, and when it strikes it can make something you love seem like the absolute worst thing in the world to do. What exactly causes burn out? Well, there are plenty of things that can destroy our enjoyment of a game, and here are six that have done a number on me in the past.

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What Are You Doing In WoW?

As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, I reactivated World of Warcraft once we had a stable internet connection. I really, truly wasn’t going to do it, but when my housemate excitedly told me about all the phat lewtz waiting for me on the Timeless Isle and how she could do with a hand, I couldn’t resist. I’ve been back just over a week now, and while I’m not logging on whenever I find a few extra seconds, I’ve had some really good quality sessions in the game — something that I haven’t had in a while now.

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Five Geeky Loves I Just Don’t ‘Get’

I like to consider myself a bit of a geek, but I know I am not “hard core”. I don’t believe that anyone has the right to demand you recite the alphabet in Klingon if you just so happen to be wearing a Star Trek shirt, and I certainly don’t pass judgement on others if they know less about my pet subject than I do. That’s just silly! We are all into different things, and I shall prove it by yanking open my closet and dragging out the deepest, darkest skeletons any self-professed geek could ever hide.

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How To Retire As Guild Master

After what seems like months, I finally have a new video up on my Youtube channel! Earlier in the week I handed over control of the guild I have been running since Wrath of the Lich King to a someone who is going to be great in the role. It’s a massive relief off my shoulders, allowing me to play the game much more casually (And not feel guilty when I play other games!) all the while knowing that the guild I worked so hard to create is in good hands. This video talks about how to handle a guild master retirement without it destroying your guild in the process. Enjoy!

(If the video above doesn’t show for you, you can see the video here)

Have you ever stepped down from an important position in one of your hobbies? How did you handle the transition?

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Off To The Camel Cup

I bet you $20 that I am doing something way more random than you are this weekend. I am going to watch the Camel races! I went last year and it was every bit as epic as I had dreamed.

Anyhow, while I am off witnessing the most amazing thing ever, here are some posts from around the place that you may find interesting.

* In a post that takes a similar-yet-different approach to the will I regret playing video games when I die post I wrote a few months back, Mike Foster of Massively gets on his Soapbox and boldly proclaims that you will not wish you had spent more time gaming. While I find it a little odd to see what some commentors have interpreted as anti-gaming propaganda on a website like Massively, I took from it that it’s important to find a balance between the real world and virtual ones we love to visit. Nothing wrong with that!

* This article from Jezebel, which talks about a Facebook employees experience with paternity leave left me shaking my head in disbelief. While I won’t get into how freakin’ lucky us Australians are compared to our US brethren when it comes to childbirth and leave, this comment in particular made me genuinely wonder what the hell is wrong with people:

“I didn’t like being the only dad at the playground, getting cautiously eyed as moms pulled their kids a bit closer.” -source

The horror stories of Dad’s being treated like creepers for doing something as asinine as taking their kids to the park, or buying their daughter a bathing suit for camp continue on in the comments. That shit makes me angry and I’m not even a dude. Yes, lets bemoan that Dads aren’t hands on and then in the very next breath treat them like criminals for doing the very thing we want them to do. Logic fail.

* And on a much lighter note, I threw in my five cents over at Neri Approves! on this week’s WoW Insider Community Blog Post. The topic of discussion was whether or not leveling in WoW is too easy? Short answer: YES! Longer answer, yes but I can understand why it’s that way. Could you imagine being a new player having to smash out 90 levels of Vanilla style questing? Bail that! I’d go play something else. EDIT: This post got a mention on WoW Insider!

[icon_star][/icon_star] Don’t forget to enter this month’s Caption This Contest for your chance to win a $25 ThinkGeek voucher. There aren’t even any snarky comments about Apple vs. Android yet! Click here to enter.

What do you have planned for the weekend? 


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