Oh, Hey There, Illidan.

This is day seven of the Blaugust challenge. Please ignore the date and pretend like it’s not the 8th today, k?

As per usual, I am woefully behind the times and have somehow not added my two cents to the blogging world’s reaction to the big World of Warcraft: Legion reveal that happened a few days ago.

So, let me make that up to you by having one bourbon too many and just writing whatever pops into my head about it! This is Illidan real talk, baby.

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World of Warcraft Pre-Announcement HYPE

This is day six of the Blaugust challenge.

In less than two hours time, Blizzard will unveil the next World of Warcraft expansion. Like 5 million odd people who have cancelled their subscriptions, I am sad to say that I was underwhelmed with Warlords of Draenor, even though the levelling content was so brilliant.

And yet, here I am at 10.30pm on a Thursday night sitting in Vent with a whole bunch of other Aussie fans counting down the hours until we know where we’re headed next.

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The Guild Application Train Wreck

This is day four of the Blaugust challenge. You can find much better posts than this one over on the Blaugust Anook.

My scrub level 97 Hunter got lonely the other night, so I enquired about joining a guild that wasn’t some ridiculous name that had auto-spammed me with an invite. It was advertised as a mature, multi-game guild that had raid times which lined up well with my own play times.

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Time: A Grown Up MMO Gamer’s Worst Enemy

I read a post talking about why it takes so long to complete games. In the post, the lovely Dina reflects on how gaming parents are not an exception when it comes to leaving video game titles unfinished, and hypothesises that shorter campaigns and social elements could be why MMO’s are popular.

As someone who just recently cancelled a subscription to the much loved, Final Fantasty XIV, mostly due to time constraints, I can’t help but feel that there are more suitable games out there for time poor adults who want to get their gaming fix.

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How To Handle A Parasitic Battle.net ‘Friend’

How To Handle Parasitic Battlenet friends

During my four year stint as a guild master in World of Warcraft I attracted my fair share of ‘fun parasites’ — players whose constant need for attention, regardless of what you’re doing, can suck the fun right out of a game.

At the start of my tenure I could simply hide on another toon located on a different server, but then Battlenet came along and the ability to hide like that vanished.

Since Battlenet does not have an ‘Appear Offline’ feature, players like myself who are notoriously afraid of confrontation are left with two options. We either let these kinds of players kill the game for us, or we swig back a nice, big glass of wine, and get ready to handle the problem like the badass adults we are.

Read on to learn more about how I handle parasitic players in Battlenet.

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Tuesday Survey #04: Mini-games in MMO’s

Over the weekend I read a post by fellow Aussie blogger, J3w3l, where she shared some musings on mini-games in MMO’s.

She mentioned that, even though she doesn’t play mini-games often, she feels that they are important features in an MMO. Content like the Darkmoon Faire in World of Warcraft and the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy XIV and their popularity amongst the player base seem to be a testament to that.

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