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Mama Needs Mana is a PR friendly blog and I am more than happy to work with bloggers and brands that are relevant to my audience of gamers and parents alike.

I am also available to help you with your own creative projects. I offer many services including web graphics, copywriting, stream overlays, branding and everything in between, all at competitive rates that newbies can afford. Contact me on Twitter for more information!

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Mama Needs Mana is a lifestyle blog that explores the unique challenges that come with being a parent who also happens to really enjoy video games.

The target audience of Mama Needs Mana is predominantly women aged from 25 to 40, who live in the United States, Australia and other English speaking countries. They enjoy playing video games, but are generally too busy to do so as they have young families to look after.

Content varies from opinion pieces surrounding announcements and changes made to popular games such as World of Warcraft, to the trials and tribulations that come with raising children, as well as posts showcasing sweet gaming themed products and services from around the internet.

My posting schedule of late has been rather sporadic as I adjust to juggling school with parenthood. I am currently aiming to publish one to three posts per week.

I currently offer a few different methods of advertising. You can find out more about each service, as well as up to date blog statistics by using the menu below:

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Blog Statistics for December 2015

  • 1,547 page views
  • 1,208 visitors

Social Media

Banner Advertising

290×50 clickable button graphic that appears in the Sponsors + Friends section of the side bar: $40 USD for 12 months.

800×200 permanent clickable banner graphic that appears at the bottom of each new post: $30 USD per 10 posts

NB: Since these are manually added by me, they will not be censored out by AdBlock programs

Interested in purchasing a spot, or have something else in mind? Get in touch with me by clicking here.

Sponsored Posts

Yes, I do run the occasional sponsored post, but only if it is relevant to my readership. Prices vary between $40 – $90 USD, depending on what you require. Contact me for more information.

Ad Swaps

I do offer free ad swaps for bloggers and other content creators who are looking to gain exposure to a unique audience but don’t have an advertising budget. Your 290×50 image swaps will appear in the Sponsors + Friends section underneath The Wyverns Tail.

Click here to get in touch with me 🙂

NB: If your blog is inactive for more than three months, your button will be removed.

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